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2 new Spore Galactic Adventures screens

Posted by ballightning on March 28, 2009

Spore Vicio (SimsDomination’s Spore site) has found 2 new screens from Spore Galactic Adventures:

sporevicio-sporegalactic250302 sporevicio-sporegalactic250301

Source: SimPrograms

Spore Galactic Adventures


4 Responses to “2 new Spore Galactic Adventures screens”

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  2. Damien said

    I wonder if you guys are going to analyze them like you did with some previous screen shots.

  3. ballightning said

    These ones aren’t that interesting, i’ve got some pics ready from the captain trailer which i should be able to get up today, now its the weekened.

    • Damien said

      That’s nice to hear. But I still do find them kind of interesting. The first one looks like a creature standing on top of a building in the middle of a maze and the second one has what looks like a shiny artifact in it.

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