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Spore Galactic Adventures – “TX-5000 Super Weapon” trailer

Posted by ballightning on April 30, 2009


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IGN: Spore Galactic Adventures previews and 13 new screens

Posted by ballightning on April 29, 2009

IGN has a new preview today on Spore Galactic Adventures, as well as 13 new screens from the game, i think it is time for some analysis soon!

You don’t need to play the space stage to experience adventures, either. You can simply load up any adventure, whether it is Maxis made, self-made, or downloaded from the community. The first time you create a captain the game loads up Adventure Town, which introduces you to the basics of being a space captain. Adventure Town is sort of a zany place; there are really happy space bunnies doing happy dances everywhere (with some funky techno music in the background), shooting confetti, and welcoming your arrival. The mayor greets with you a couple of alien babes at his flanks, and explains how you can interact with various citizens to get quests. It’s just like an MMORPG in some ways; just look for the person with an exclamation point over their heads and talk to them.

IGN:  Spore Galactic Adventures preview

spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035155370 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035200995 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035205479 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035209729 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035214495 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035219292 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035234166 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035239104 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035243510 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035247869 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035251885 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035256306 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035300853

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How the Spore Galaxy was created…

Posted by ballightning on April 29, 2009

Ocean Quiqley’s blog has been updated reflecting his work with the galaxy in Spore.  He shares his trials and errors as well as a few images from the process:

I had a problem when the galaxy was seen edgewise; all of the stars would overlap and make the center of the galaxy burn out to white. I used the dark dustlanes to obscure and darken them, and that pretty much fixed that.

We had to make the stars large enough that they wouldn’t alias with the screen’s pixels, but if we kept them above pixel scale, when you zoomed out they would rapidly accumulate and burn to white.
So we made a shader that faded them out and controlled their scale, keeping them just the right size and brightness as you zoomed in and out.

galaxy_distribute galaxy_mid galaxy_side galaxy_zoom galaxy_mesh_fade galaxywires galaxy_particles

Source: SporePrograms

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Spore App Update

Posted by ballightning on April 29, 2009

Here are all the latest Spore Apps taken from the Spore API gallery page.


Spore Skeletons
View the top popular creature skeletons in augmened reality!
By Aaron Meyers


Achievement List
See which achievements you still need to earn.
By NecroBones




Navigate through a Sporepedia like creation viewer.




Quality Spore
Get all the stats on the creations you like.
By SniperMonkey




Mac Screensaver
See a screensaver shuffle through creations from the Sporepedia.
By impiaaa




Pit one person’s creation against another in a tournament.
By JoeyBagOfDonuts




Sporepedia Mobile
Browse random creations on your phone!
By Francis Li


Play a Spore Creation memory challenge!
By RifoItaly




Smiley App
Random creations are organized by overall color in this app.
By Gaurav Shrivastava




Dungeons Of Spore
Explore this roquelike quest game.
By MaxisKate




Check if your Sporecast includes all archetypes
By Shawn Moore




iPhone SporeBroweser
Browse the Sporepedia on your iPhone
By impiaaa




Swap fish to find your favorite aquatic collection!
By MaxisCactus


Buddy Browser
How will you browse the Universe?
By MaxisDangerousYams




Buddy Activity
Get updates when your buddies make new creations.
By MaxisEditorDan




Creature Battle!
Pick the winning creation in a series of mini battles!
By MaxisDangerousYams


Random MPN
Check out a random Creation from the most popular new list.
By NicMacc




Play with Google gadgets for API asset search views.
By MaxisMichael




Spore Badges
Automate images of your Spore stats.
By BugSquash




Sven’s Creatures
See stats on Sven’s amazing creations.
By Hirnsausen






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New Galactic Adventures Fansite Kit

Posted by ballightning on April 29, 2009

Maxis have released a second Fansite Kit for Galactic Adventures which includes 2 new wallpapers and 3 new icons. Download it now.


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Urban Legends Challenge

Posted by ballightning on April 29, 2009

This competition is made by Maxis on the official forums.

Challenge Details 

Recreate a creation from urban lore for the Urban Legends Challenge

Not sure what to make? Check out these references: 
– Wikipedia on Urban Legends 
– Snopes animal urban legends 
– Urban Legends open directory 
– Mythbusters 

What will the challenge winner get? 

A chance to be featured on Spore.com! 

We’ll post our favorite submissions here, then YOU get to vote for which one is your top pick! The winner may be featured if it meets our criteria for featured creations. 

• It must not have any parent authored by a different creator. 
• It must not have any offensive creation in its lineage (any parent or child creations). 
• It must not have any links or references to other sites in the submission’s tags, name, or description 

Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for the poll 

• Your creation must be based on an urban legend 
• To submit a creation, tag it with: mclegendchallenge and publish 
• Post about your creation on the forum: include a link, picture, the name of the urban legend, and at least one link to a reference online (see the mermaid example below) 
• You can submit as many creations as you’d like 
• Your creation can be made with any editor you choose 
• All submissions must be in by 11:00am PDT June 1st 2009 

Challenge FAQ 

What’s the definition of Urban Legend? 

– Urban Dictionary: An urban legend is a modern myth. A frightening untrue story in which the storyteller insists is true, but has no evidence to back up. Also, it never happened to the storyteller but someone removed from them. 
– Merriam Webster: an often lurid story or anecdote that is based on hearsay and widely circulated as true 

What’s the difference between an urban legend and a mythological creature/creation? 

An urban legend can be about a mythological creature, if the mythology is recently created. 

As a general guide, your urban legend should be based on mythology that’s sprung up within the last 100 years. 

Many legends are old, but have had new twists recently, such as the mermaid myth. If there has been new material or recent controversy over the subject within the last 100 years, its OK to use. 

Example mermaid material: http://urbanlegends.about.com/library/bl_mermaid_tsunami.htm 

Want to create something that stretches the imagination, such as from an Urban Legend on another planet? 

Go ahead! Just make sure to include the back fiction in your creation’s description so we understand what you’re getting at. 

Q: Is ____ an urban legend? 
A: Research it! Use google to figure out if it is. Post your evidence here. I know there are some grey areas. If you make sure to post reference material, your creation will be considered for this contest. 

Q: Can I submit something which may be extremely gory or offensive? 
A: According to the Terms of Service, you should avoid uploading any content that could be considered: “harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person’s view, objectionable.” 

Basically, use your judgment on this. If other players are flagging your creation as offensive, the CS team may have to remove it from the server. 

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Crazy Spore creature dances; terrifies people in Austria

Posted by ballightning on April 28, 2009

A costume Spore Creature has been spotted in the streets of Austria, dancing and terrifying people at the same time!  Samsung has teamed up with EA on some sort of promotional stunt involving LED TV’s and Spore.  You can view multiple pictures and videos at their flickr gallery.

Eine neue Spezies by SAMSUNG Austria | Switzerland | Slovenia Eine neue Spezies by SAMSUNG Austria | Switzerland | Slovenia Eine neue Spezies by SAMSUNG Austria | Switzerland | Slovenia Eine neue Spezies by SAMSUNG Austria | Switzerland | Slovenia Eine neue Spezies by SAMSUNG Austria | Switzerland | Slovenia Eine neue Spezies by SAMSUNG Austria | Switzerland | Slovenia

Source: SporePrograms

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PocketGamer’s first look at Spore Hero Arena DS

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009

It has taken some time, but we know have our first glimpese about the other Spore games (Spore Hero for Wii, Spore Hero Arena for DS and Spore: Creature Keeper for the PC).  Looks like information is starting to come out, as PocketGamer was able to catch a glimpse of Spore Hero Arena for the Nintendo DS!

The main mode of the game is linear and level-based and has you following the story of the inhabitants of the planet, one group of which are being wiped out by the other. Of course, this enables you to get all combat-y on the bad guys without moral ambiguity. So you’ll wander around, eating things and collecting blue shards to build up and evolve your creature, and fighting.

Movement is stylus-based. You just drag it around the screen and your creature follows on. In combat, you’ll use the D-pad, which triggers moves such as spitting and striking, and you can hold down the D-pad to power up super moves.

As well as the planetary activity, you’ll get involved in the arena-based battling which give the game its name. These have you fighting against multiple enemies (up to three); either computer controlled, or against your friends in multiplayer mode.

The types of games include activities such as Capture the Egg (like Capture the Flag but with an egg) and Battle Royale, in which you have to push your opponents over the edge of a platform. The arenas will feature in game’s main mode, but you’ll also be able to select them individually from the main menu if you just want a quick blast. Lots more battle types are promised, but EA is yet to reveal them.

PocketGamer – EA evolves Spore Hero Arena into a DS battler

Source: SporePrograms

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GA: 2 new screenshots

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009

Spore Vicio spotted 2 new screens from Spore Galactic Adventures from the GameSpot:

sporegalactic-240402 sporegalactic-240401

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Spore Hero / Hero Arena appear – September release date

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009

Spore Hero (Wii) and its DS counterpart Spore Hero Arena (DS) have both appeared on Gamespot with  a release date of the 22nd of September. However, knowing what happened with Galactic Adventures, it is most likely that this is not the final release date. IGN have both set for release on 31st of December, but that just looks like a date they place for anything coming out this year.

Spore Hero will be sold for $50US and Spore Hero Arena will be sold for $30US.

GameSpot: Spore Hero

GameSpot: Spore Hero Arena


IGN: Spore Hero

IGN: Spore Hero Arena

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GA: 2 new Panorama Screenshots

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009

Click on the images to go to the page at spore.com where you can look around in a 360 degrees landscape!


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Creator Spotlight: smallboy1995

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009


Smallboy1995 is a fantastic creating, including the amazing vox series (which are the to images on the right) along with many other amazing creations. 

If you think you have a creator who deserves a spotlight, post a comment below or in our thread on the official forums.

Sporedum’s Creator/Creature Spotlight Homepage

Creation DetailLocation: America

Profile: smallboy1995
Sporedum: Your creations are awesome! Do you find any particular inspiration for your work? 


SmallBoy1995: Well, it depends whether or not I have anything in my head at the time. If not, I’ll browse the features and MPN, or look some pictures up. If that doesn’t help, I’ll think back to some of the Sci-Fi novels I’ve read, like Ender’s Game, Necropath, or Helix. 





Sporedum: You get a lot of great ratings for your creations, as well as many comments. Have you met anyone during your experience playing Spore? 

Creation Detail

SmallBoy1995: Alkalinahid was very helpful in giving comments, criticism and support. I would come home to about 15-20 comments all by them. I’ve also met some nice people on the forums, like Thobewill (Became friends through competing in his contests) and Egratt (from C.U.S.T.O.S.) 


Sporedum: Looking through your 350+ creations, it’s hard to pick out one that is the best. Do you have a personal favorite? And what is your favorite creation by another player?

SmallBoy1995: My favorite creation would be my Vox Planet Cracker, my first and only featured creation. My favorite newer creation would be my Blood Seeker, which made it to the top of the MPN. My favorite creation by a different player would be the Pleasure Dome by Andeavor, which inspired the Vox Planet Cracker. 


Creation Detail

Sporedum: Which editor is your favorite to create in (creature, building, vehicle, spaceship)? Why?

SmallBoy1995: I am split between 2 editors. Those 2 would be the Creature Editor, and any of the Vehicle Editors. The Creature Editor was the first 1 I ever created in, giving me experience. The Vehicle Editor would be because it was the first editor I tried once I got the game.


Sporedum: Many of your creations have a very stylized look – do you have a story or theme behind your creations? 

SmallBoy1995: In short; No. Why? I have made a few series’ but most are just inspired by whatever comes up. 





Sporedum: Your creations seem like they have gotten more sophisticated as you continued to create. Do you feel your creations have evolved with time? 

SmallBoy1995: I do, but not essentially due to time. I would say, after looking through the pages of great creators and disassembling their creations and learning, has helped them evolve. I once got a comment saying “If your birth date is 1995, then I can’t wait to see how you improve as you get older.” I responded with a comment saying age doesn’t play into it. 


Sporedum: What would be the most essential piece of advice you could give for people to improve their creations? 

Creation Detail

SmallBoy1995: I would tell them to look through the MPN and the featured creations and take them apart to learn new techniques. It works very well. 


Sporedum: Are you excited about the release of Spore Galactic Adventures on the 23rd of June? And how do you think you will use the adventures creator to advance you creations? 

SmallBoy1995: I’m neutral about the release. Not to say I won’t probably buy it, but I’m just not too sure. I really don’t think it will help me advance my creations, but it may throw some new inspiration into the air. Who knows? Maybe it will help. 

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Spore API Contest 2009 Winners!

Posted by ballightning on April 22, 2009

The Spore API Contest 2009 Winners have been announced! None of this was very surprising. I thought all 3 of these would be here, and are some fantastic apps! 1st place is awarded to Aaron Meyers for the really awesome Spore Skeletons tool, 2nd goes to SniperMOnkey who created Quality Spore, a better Sporepedia then the sporepedia (Sporepedia viewer) and 3rd place is awarded to Sporenament (game) created by JoeyBagOfDonuts which could go a long way to finding the best creations much easier.

1st Place = Spore Skeletons (Aaron won an NVidia 9800 GTX graphics card)

Spore Skeletons Augmented Reality Demo from Aaron Meyers on Vimeo.


2nd Place = Quality Spore (Won Spore and Spore Galactic Adventures)










3rd Place = Sporenament (Won a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures)

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GameDaily – Will Wright Confirms Future Involvement in Spore Franchise

Posted by ballightning on April 22, 2009

Falsely assuming that his work on Spore and his other previous franchises is done, we asked Wright if he ever would return to them. He responded, “I don’t think it was widely reported, but alongside this whole [Stupid Fun Club] thing, I also entered into a consulting agreement with EA. I’m spending a certain amount of time every month actually working with the Spore team on future versions ofSpore and expansions. So I will [still] be involved with EA on developing the Spore franchise as well.”

GameDaily – Will Wright Confirms Future Involvement in Spore Franchise

Source: SimPrograms

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Sporedum Exclusive: Questions about Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on April 21, 2009

Last week  it was announced that Stone Librande (lead designer of Galactic Adevntures) would be holding lectures at 3 universities: Georgia Institute of Technology (on the April 10), University of Southern California (April 16) and Carnegie Mellon University (May 1). We got in touch with Georgia Insititute of Technology and organized an email interview with one of the attendees, Justin Smith who is a User Experience Designer at Roundbox Global and is doing a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)


Sporedum: What is your opinion so far on Spore Galactic Adventures?

Justin: I think this is a very interesting solution to what seemed to be Spore’s biggest criticism, the gameplay. The creation part of it was the most fun to me and Maxis seemed to realize this and decided to allow users to create the gameplay. So far, it appears extremely deep and allows for an enormous amount of customization to almost any aspect you can imagine. I really like the fact that I have the choice of either spending the time to create a game myself or I can dive straight in and play games other people have created. I don’t remember seeing this, but I definitely would like a rating system so I can easily tell what games other people created are fun. I thought that the game looked very promising and took the extremely fun creation aspect of Spore to an exponentially higher level.


Sporedum: What do you see that needs to improve?

Justin: One thing I noticed everyone asking was how to ride the vehicles. The vehicle creation is really fun and it would be awesome for the player to be able to travel around in them. Another thing I had an issue with was switching between modes while creating an Act. Apparently, we needed to be in Icon mode for scaling objects and how to switch between modes was not obvious. We also wanted our own custom music, but Stone explained the problems with server storage as well as copyright issues that come along with such a feature. Overall though, the game looked fairly polished and most complaints seemed relatively minor.


 Sporedum: What is the complexity like, how many different items can you place, or did you not reach a complexity limit?

 Justin: We didn’t get to test this a whole lot since we only had a limited time with the game. However, we did have one issue with this. We were trying to create a simple  scenario where the player’s creature was attacked by dozens (~40-50) of little annoying monsters. Whenever we tested the scenario, only some of the little monsters  acted according to the settings we had set up. The rest just stood in place. I would hope issues like this would be resolved before the game’s release.


 Sporedum: What exactly can you change between acts? Can you take out, say, a wall out in act 2 which was in in act 1? Can I make a barren planet in act 3, then in act 4  the planet suddenly is a lush forest?

 Justin: Unfortunately, we didn’t get to get real deep into this but I know there were several things I know you could change. Characters’ actions and motivations can  change. Locations can change as well. Obviously, goals between the acts would be different. From what we were shown, I would assume you can change aspects of the  planet as well (i.e. landscapes, weather, etc), but I can not confirm that.


Sporedum: How complex are the controls in the Adventure creator, what is the advanced creature controls like?

Justin: The controls appeared to get extremely complex. You have control over just about anything you want all the way down to the time of day and individual weather elements. Stone presented the creature controls in terms of three tiers. The first was just setting basic attributes about the character and their nature. The second level was getting down to controlling more specific characteristics of the creature. The third tier was actually almost a scripting language that the user could set up to really control the small details of a creature.


Sporedum:  What was your favorite element of Galactic Adventures?

Justin: I’d have to say it was just the level of detail that you could actually customize. You could seriously sit there for weeks just designing your own game using the engine they have created. I mean I could sit there for days just designing a planet just like I wanted it. It just seemed mind-numbing the level of customization available.


Sporedum: From what you have seen, would you recommended it to the more series gamer genre, considering that they were disappointed with Spore?

Justin: I think it really depends. If you are not the type of gamer who likes to tweak and perfect the minutia then you may not like Galactic Adventures. On the other hand, if some players put out some really fun games then serious gamers could also just dive straight into games created by other players. How good that gameplay is ostensibly dependent upon how good the players make it, but I’m sure that there’ll be, at the very least, a handful of players out there who will create some really stellar adventures for everyone else to play.


For more of Galactic Adventures news, videos and screenshots go to our Galactic Adventures page.

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