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Dungeons of Spore

Posted by ballightning on April 1, 2009

Update: You can play the trial of this April Fools joke here.

Coming March 2011

Maxis is bringing back old school in a massively single-player quest scheduled for release on Ti-83s and higher in early 2011. Play the trial online to get ready for this highly anticipated game. 

Key Features:
 Cutting edge Ascii graphics
 Procedurally generated levels
 Thrilling turn-based gameplay
 NPCs straight from MPN

8 Responses to “Dungeons of Spore”

  1. jordan said

    what a crap april fools day joke. could have done better.

  2. spiritleech said

    i was like wth!!!!
    is this cool?
    wow EA has really gotten low with this one…
    and then i read the april fool day letters in the game

  3. Crabapple said

    I, for one, think it’s fun!
    And besides, it said it was scheduled for release on Ti-83s, which are these calculator things.

  4. Feld0 said

    Neat April Fool’s joke, but I sure hope it does turn into a real project. It actually looks pretty cool.

    They should make a version for TI-nSpire. I’ve got one of those, and I really wanna get some games on it.

  5. Qowface said

    There’s no way they’d actually make a game for a graphing calculator…but it’s not really a bad idea…now some ASM calculator programmer out there better make this, lol (there are games of about that quality on the TI-83 already)…

  6. Jirnsum said

    I think it’s brilliant. But then again, I am old enough to have actually played these ASCII based adventure games (and enjoy them)

  7. jordan said

    the thing is- is that it was so obviously a joke.

  8. […] has published the trial version of the April Fools joke, Dungeons of Spore, in their API gallery. You can find the full API gallery here. […]

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