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Play as an Epic Mod

Posted by ballightning on April 3, 2009

Hello fellow spore lovers. Sadly I have moved on from this game. However you can still follow my work over at youtube! I currently am focused on Minecraft, and in particular, Minecraft Cinematics.


Check it this video, and if you enjoy, please subscribe!



What is Nineballfool’s Uber Epic Mod?

This mod allows you to play the creature game as a true “uber” epic. You can now effectively be an epic. Have fun!

This mod was made for combat purposes, you can socialize if you want, but it is not tested.



1.) Your creature will start with 1,000 healthpoints and could go as high as 5,000 healthpoints (formula=base healthpoints multiplied by 100)

2.) Your creature’s damage is pretty much “one hit kill” (except against other epics and rogues)

3.) your creature will have the epic stomp, strike and spit attack animations and sounds (to get the stomp/strike animation…click the strike icon…it is random….your creature will either strike the opponent or stomp him with his foot…spit animation by clicking the spit icon)

4.) your creature will have all the sounds of an epic……foot steps….screaming

5.) the screen will shake as you walk…just like when the epics are nearby

6.) no hunger drain

7.) lowered the amount of nest members to 1….a few show up sometimes….but they disappear…if you cannot find one….click the mate icon and one will appear

8.) increased the viewing distance…so you can see things farther away (this may depend on the quality of your video card)

Created by NineBallFool


20 Responses to “Play as an Epic Mod”

  1. Someguy said

    LOLZ! That’s gonna be EPIC…

  2. Cool

  3. BoyMac said

    This is a great mod! It has finally been done and it fully meets all my expectations for a true Epic mod.

    • maxis said

      yea but i made the game “spore” and i can’t do dis it impossible my pc doesnt say RUN to download it. it says FIND to search the web for it i download what it takes to find it i clikc it and it rus tests for virusus this is bull

  4. epic is mean and can do aney thing

    • maxis said

      they cant pick up and throw if your playing as the epic you cant pick up and throw only automatic moving epics can pcik up nibble and throw

  5. Nugget said

    !!!I keep downloading the epic package into spore’s data folder, then I play spore, but when i do the picture in the right corner his huge, but I am the same size!! Is this because I have windows vista? Could someone please help me!

  6. natasha said

    so how can i be a epic

  7. maxis said

    nineballfool is weird to make up a LIE

  8. maxis said

    it said: the page your looking for wasnt FOUND

  9. jenniboo said

    i cant find where u downlaod

  10. Anon said

    That’s because the links are dead. Almost all of the links are dead, unfortunately.

  11. game news said

    video game guides…

    Play as an Epic Mod « Sporedum…

  12. cucu said

    cant find it eather some1 help cucu2000 ps3

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