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Creator Spotlight: Jim3321

Posted by ballightning on April 4, 2009

Today we look at Jim3321, who is a relatively unknown creator. However Jim3221’s creations are just as stunning as others who have thousands of comments. Like Techno605 has a specialty in the building editor, Jim3321 specializes in the creature editor. We are now going to interview all the creators which we spotlight. If you think you have a creator who deserves a spotlight, post a comment below or in our thread on the official forums.

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Creation Detail

Location: USA

Profile: Jim3321 

Sporedum: Your creations are awesome! Do you find any particular inspiration for your work? 

Jim3321: My inspirations come from many places, some from art, others from movies. I would say most of my inspiration comes from other Spore users and learning their techniques and ways of detailing. Music is also a very big factor for me. I gain inspiration from classic rock, metal and jazz music. 

Sporedum: You get a lot of great ratings for your creations, as well as many comments. Have you met anyone during your experience playing Spore? 

Jim3321: I’ve met many friends, and am still making new ones! Rantalia gave me a lot of support when I was just learning my techniques for creating. Also Serevanth helped me with getting publicity. Without other players, I would be probably unrecognized. I truly appreciate all the support I have received. 

Creation Detail
Sporedum: Looking through your 130+ creations, it’s hard to pick out one that is the best. Do you have a personal favorite? And what is your favorite creation by another player?


Jim3321: Hmm…..My personal favorite would probably be Rhien, who was heavily inspired by the work of Gastje. I love that the head is very vague and only kinda resembles a head. Probably my favorite from someone else would be the Panther Alien by Gryphon57. The stance it’s at makes it look like it wants to pounce. 

Sporedum: Which editor is your favorite to create in (creature, building, vehicle, spaceship)? Why? 

Jim3321: Definitely creature. Why? Because I spend nearly all of my time in Spore playing the creature editor. 

Creation DetailSporedum: Many of your creations have a very stylized look – do you have a story or theme behind your creations? 

Jim3321: Well, I just try to make my creatures either alien or some form of evil, haha! I was really into the Alien series, so I made many creatures based off of xenomorphs. Their heads were always a challenge to me, until I saw people like Virakotxa and Gryphon57 and saw how they made xeno heads, and that was a big help to me. 

Sporedum: Your creations seem like they have gotten more sophisticated as you continued to create. Do you feel your creations have evolved with time? 

Jim3321: Yes, of course. If you compare my Coelodon to some of my newer stuff, you would see that my newer stuff has cleaner color palettes than Coelodon has, and more distinct part patterns, etc. I have gone through a huge change since August when I first got the Creature Creator. 

Creation Detail
Sporedum: What would be the most essential piece of advice you could give for people to improve their creations? 

Jim3321:  I would say to just experiment, and use templates often. They can really help with creature posture and limb placement early on. I would also ask advice from well-known creators. Hey, you could even ask me, haha! 
Sporedum: Are you excited about the release of Spore Galactic Adventures on the 23rd of June? And how do you think you will use the adventures creator to advance you creations? 

Jim3321: Yes, I am very excited! I’ve seen some of the new parts, and they look like they could be cool to manipulate in the outfitters. The mission creator will also be really cool, it will add a lot of depth to the space phase. I’m really looking forward for it’s release!


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