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SimOperations Spore Developer Interview: Ask Your Questions

Posted by ballightning on April 4, 2009

SimOperations has the honor of interviewing a spore developer. You can go and ask your own questions over at their post.

I recieved an email from MaxisCactus to invite SimOperations to interview a Spore developer. We responded saying that we would like to talk about all aspects of Spore and Galactic Adventures. Please submit your questions, which we will then use in the interview.

Hi Connor,

Hope all is well over on SimOperations!

Apologies on the delay in responding to this. I would like to give you an opportunity to interview one of the devs here. Please let me know who it is you’re interested in talking to, and the topic of the interview, and I’ll let you know what we can accommodate. The best format for us will be an email interview. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we’ll try to respond to as many as possible.


Please note, that we have responded to this email saying yes and informing EA that we will respond. However, all questions may not be answered. Also, in the unfortunate (yet, unlikely) event, that the interview is cancelled, we will try and source answers elsewhere.

Question submissions end 5 April 2009 (10pm) GMT.


5 Responses to “SimOperations Spore Developer Interview: Ask Your Questions”

  1. simoperations said


  2. […] SimOperations Spore Developer Interview: Ask Your Questions […]

  3. Chowza said

    So do we need to go on Simoperations or do we ask here?

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