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Spore March Wrap Up

Posted by ballightning on April 4, 2009

So what happened in the spore universe in March, and how has Sporedum been going? 


I am looking for your feedback. What do you like about the site, what don’t you like, and what do you think i could do to improve it?


Sporedum Stats for March:

111,500 page hits (about 3800 per day)

665 comments (that’s 22 a day!)

59,837 Visitors (2000 a day), 43,100 first time visitors and 16,737 returning visitors

Lets improve on all of those stats for April!


Spore News Highlights for March:

Galactic Adventures… Delayed again?

Details for Spore Hero (Wii)

Caryl Shaw Talks Creativity and Spore at SXSW 09

Spore App: Creature Viewer Update

IGN: Galactic Adventures Heroes

Official Galactic Adventures Release Date: 23rd June

BetterSpore v1.5.1 Release

SporeDay: Galactic Adventures Community Interview

SporeDay: Meet the Captains

GDC Panel: Fulfilling the Massively-Single Player Promise – How’d We Do?

100,000,000 creations contest!

Spore Galactic Adventures fansite kit

Creator Spotlight: Techno605


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