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Getting ready for Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on April 6, 2009

Getting ready for Galactic Adventures: Update


Spore Galactic Adventures is just over 2 months away, but preperations by the Spore community are already well underway. Projects, like building hollow buildings, are starting to appear, with many of them already testing the bounds of what Galactic Adventures can do. Some players have expressed frustration at how certain features which they wished to be in Galactic Adventures are not there, however other players see this as a challange to their ability to create.


Creation Detail

The largest effort for Galactic Adventures is Slart1bartfasts Ultimate One Stop Prop Shop, which aims to create many different objects and props for people to use in their adventures. Many people be making “sandbox” style adventures, and props are essential to create a dynamic and realistic adventure. Slart1bartfast has created a sporecast specifically for this effort, and he has also linked to other create sporecasts which each have a set of items relating to a theme, for instance Dragon131’s castle set or LSundays’s maze parts.


Another effort is one which i started myself, which is the History of the Galaxy Project, which aims to give an easy platform for people to base their stories around, if they have trouble with inspiration. Kiwi_tea has started up a Library template for people to create books, scrolls and other objects along those lines. Kaploy9 has created an initiative to collect anything and everything for Galactic Adventures.


Another great building effort is by Andeavor, who is creating buildings for people, you can get all of them from his profile page. A recent start up is Grymyrk’s thread, which is creating mountable vehicles. And along the same line as Slart1bartfast TheGuy185 has created a thread for people to post their creatures for Galactic Adventures.


It is not just at the US official forums where people are gearing up for Galactic Adventures, Arekuzu from the UK forums has started to create buildings for people’s captains to move around in. These are some of the most complex hollow buildings i’ve seen.


Now this is interesting… a massive group of people have come together in the last 2 days to start creating Pokemon. Yes Pokemon. And all 489 of them. Some of them are planning to create Pokemon missions in Galactic Adventures, they have also started creating potions, Pokemon Centre and more!


We have created a page called Spore Galactic Adventure Props and Objects where you can find all the sporecasts and topics related to Galactic Adventure Props.


8 Responses to “Getting ready for Galactic Adventures”

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  3. Chowza said

    …That’s a bad Unown. I could make better! D< /rant

    Anyway, this is great! My thanks to all the people making hollow buildings. It must be tough!

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  5. kiwi_tea said

    Lol. Awesome that my name got a mention. Gutted it was typo’d.

    Still love the site!


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