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Spore’s Galactic Adventures EULA

Posted by ballightning on April 6, 2009

SimOperations has found the EULA for Spore Galactic Adventures. However it does not seem to be the final version as it is still missing vital pieces of information like how many install it has. However it does mention it still, unlike the Sims 3 EULA.


At SimOperations:

The Sims 3 – Retail Box version EULA

The Sims 3 – Digitial Download version EULA

Spore: Galactic Adventures EULA


Also we have something big coming soon. We’re in the final stages of organizing something:D More soon!


6 Responses to “Spore’s Galactic Adventures EULA”

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  2. simoperations said

    Could I ask that you link to http://simoperations.com/new/2009/04/06/latest-eulas-spore-galactic-adventures-the-sims-3/ rather than hotlink the files. Thanks

    Plus, I’m pretty sure it will be 5 install limits.

    Something else too, have you considered installing Twitpress and launching a Twitter account. It is a great addition to the site and is a great place in the Sims and Spore community.

    • simoperations said

      Thanks. It’s just that I have hotlink protection in place, so if you were to click them links, it wouldn’t work.

  3. simoperations said

    I’ve just thought! I’ll ask how many install limits in my interview

  4. Chowza said

    Ooooh. “Something”. The suspense! 83

  5. seth said

    uhm. . . I think sims3 wont hav a install limit since it doesnt actualy have invasive drm! Just a code u type in, like sims2, not needed to verify online! Yay!

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