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Creator Spotlight: Azulon

Posted by ballightning on April 7, 2009

Azulon has been creating ever since the creature creator came out in June last year, and in the past few months, Azulon has risen high in Creature/Outfitter world. With 2 features (1)(2) and over 3000 comments,  Azulon is now one of the most well known creators on the sporum. If you think you have a creator who deserves a spotlight, post a comment below or in our thread on the official forums.

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Creation Detail

Location: I’m from Brazil, I live in Rio de Janeiro, to be more specific. 



Sporedum: Your creations are very complex, and some of the characters you’ve created are great! Do you find any particular inspiration for your work? 

Creation Detail

Azulon: I get inspiration from other creators most of the time, people like G3nji, Doomnova, Masscolder and Werderfan2012, among others. I see their creations and try to get tips and uncommon part uses so I can improve my own style. When I started creating I took a long time analyzing Aaarrrggg’s creations too, her creations made me want to get better. And sometimes I get inspired by nature too, so I have creations based on elements like fire and water. 




Sporedum: You get a lot of great ratings for your creations, as well as many thousands of comments. Have you made any friends through your creations?

Azulon: Well, my creatures started getting comments when I began using the Sporum, and it took me a long while to do it, I create since the creature creator trial days but only went for the forum a few months ago. There I entered some contests- won some, lost others- and little by little I started getting some recognition and some people who comment my creations on a regular basis. Now with the Knurl Down Clan, where I’m a Clanmaster together with Doomnova and G3nji, people are really giving my creations attention. 


Creation DetailSporedum: Looking through all your 500+ creations, it’s hard to pick out one that is the best. Do you have a personal favorite? And what is your favorite creation by another player? 

Azulon: I like most of my creations, so it is really hard to point the best, but if I am to choose one it would be my Grim Reaper, I liked a lot how it turned up in the end. By other players I’m not sure but the one that got more comments was the Elder Magical Golen, I think mostly because it was the one that got featured, but even before that I received a alot of good feedback on him. 


Sporedum: Which editor is your favorite to create in (creature, building, vehicle, spaceship) and why? 

Creation Detail

Azulon: I like the creature creator better, including the outfitters, as it is the one I handle easier and where I get my most beautiful results. I also like the building creator, but I still have to improve a lot in this one. People can say that the spaceship creator is the one that gives you more freedom but creating from warriors to savage aliens appeals more to me. 




Sporedum: Many of your creations have a very stylized look, especially your characters – do you have a story or theme behind your creations? 

Azulon: Yes and no. In some of my creatures I try to follow a theme, like “ four guys, each one representing one season” or “Tortured monsters” and create a sporecast to gather them, but in some I get a part that I want to use in a new way and create a whole creature around it, sometimes even discovering other new things in the process. 


Creation DetailSporedum: Your creations seem like they have gotten more sophisticated as you continued to create. Do you feel your creations have evolved with time? 

Azulon: Yes, as I got more experienced with the creators and discovered more uses for the parts my creations improved a whole lot. When I began I used the parts in a very simple pattern, ears were only ears, mouths could only go within heads and in natural spots. Now I try to use the parts in different ways, to give my creatures a more exotic look. I also started using parts I didn’t like at first. Now I even try to redo some of my older creatures in better ways, if, looking at my page, you stumble into a “cruel” creature that’s because this creature is an old one redone, so you can look at my first pages and see how the original looked. 


Creation Detail

Sporedum: What would be the most essential piece of advice you could give for people to improve their creations? 

Azulon: Always try to use the parts in new ways- twist, combine, put them upside down, do everything you can do with them. This way your creatures will call attention and people will see how creative you are. And give them nice colors too, sometimes the coloring is the difference between a good creature and an awesome one. Oh, and for the ones who don’t know, the TAB button helps wonder when creating. 



Sporedum: Are you excited about the release of Spore Galactic Adventures on the 23rd of June? And how do you think you will use the adventures creator to advance you creations?

Azulon: Well, I really stopped actually playing spore asides from the creators, because I got to space stage and had nothing to do after it, so if Galactic Adventures will bring new objectives and the same freedom that marks the creators, to the main game them I’ll buy it as soon as it gets to the stores. And if it expands the outfitters I’ll be very happy, because I think the outfitters have too few parts, they could be much better.


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