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GA Building Challenge: Create a perfect, low-complexity, hollow sphere or dome.

Posted by ballightning on April 7, 2009

Prometheus09, from the official sporum has designed a challenge to test even the best creators. He believes that it is not possible to create a perfect hollow sphere using the building editors, and he is challenging anyone to try and create one. Here is the quote from his post:

This is a challenge I am putting forth to test the ingenuity and skill of our builders, or more so, to show the limits of the current Spore editors. I am okay with the building editors, but I am starting to believe that it will be 100% impossible to make certain types of hollow structures with the building components we are given. 

Simply enough, the challenge is to make a perfectly round, low-complexity, hollow sphere or dome. That’s it; no other details. 

Criteria: Perfectly round (read: radially symmetrical with an unbroken surface), low-complexity (cannot be made up of intricately placed flat panels, if you can even find a way to do that), and of course, hollow. 

I am really curious to see if anyone can tackle this one effectively, because I am highly doubting it. Not that I doubt our community’s skill, but more so that I doubt the freedom to create certain hollow spaces with the current Building Editor. 

When your entry is completed, please make sure to save it with the tag “GAperfectbuilding” before uploading it to the Sporepedia. This was a suggestion from SporeMasterLightning, and it will help us all to search/find all the entries in this potentially very difficult challenge.


2 Responses to “GA Building Challenge: Create a perfect, low-complexity, hollow sphere or dome.”

  1. kiwi_tea said

    Hopefully this will see the Spore team implement some new building and vehicle shapes. Given these constraints on buildings and vehicles, it’s quite a surprise they aren’t (apparently) packaging hollow and cupped parts with GA itself.

  2. BoyMac said

    I also highly doubt this could happen even with the mods people have made…

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