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Getting ready for Galactic Adventures: Update

Posted by ballightning on April 7, 2009

Yesterday we posted about how people are Getting read for Galactic Adventures. Maxis has posted on the official US forums information for fans who are getting ready for spore. This is about adding a tag called “GAprop” into any creation which is being made for a prop or object in Galactic Adventures.  

The issue arose from users who were worried that it might any people if library books, bombs, barrels and other GA objects appeared in people’s game as buildings. Maxis’s solution is to make any object with the tag “GAprop” to not appear in game. This will most likely be done in a future patch.

Our team has taken measures to resolve this issue. 

When you create a galactic adventure prop, you can tag it “GAprop” before publishing. This will prevent it from being chosen in the core game for any slot. 

This way, canonical creations (such as realistic factories) made in Galactic Adventures can still appear in other players’ core games’ appropriate slots, but players will have the option to exempt their more zany prop creations by simply tagging them using this convention. 



6 Responses to “Getting ready for Galactic Adventures: Update”

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  2. […] Getting ready for Galactic Adventures: Update […]

  3. JDunn said

    good idea

  4. judhudson said

    Nice 😀

  5. Damien said

    I like the GAprop tag idea. It is definitally a good solution, some things would look really bad if they got used as buildings by themselves. Plus I want to save some of my creatures and vehicles for Galactic Adventures.

  6. joe said


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