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Lucy Bradshaw on Will Wright’s Stupid Fun Club and the Future of Spore

Posted by ballightning on April 9, 2009

So now that we all know that Will Wright is leaving Maxis to run the think tank Stupid Fan Club (jointly owned by EA), Lucy Bradshaw has become the new head of Maxis. Gamedaily managed to get a phone interview with her.

For now, Maxis remains entrenched in the Spore universe. The game was one of the most hyped titles of 2008 and continues to be quite successful for EA. In fact, Bradshaw stressed that it’s EA’s most successful new IP launch ever. But how does Wright’s departure affect the future direction of the franchise? It should be business as usual, according to Bradshaw.

“One of the things Maxis has is a wealth of very strong creative individuals. They collaborated with Will on his vision for Spore through its fruition to becoming a product. It is a very interesting platform to continue to evolve,” she stated. “We’re coming out with Galactic Adventures in June and that will just be our first expansion pack in the franchise, and we’re taking the franchise in different directions as well, releasing Spore Hero [on Wii] and Spore: Hero Arena [on DS]. Those are announced for this calendar year and Spore: Creature Keeper [on PC] is aimed at a younger audience… someone who had fun with Creature Creatorbut isn’t a core gamer at this stage. So we’re really poised as we were with The Sims to really evolve this property in different directions, and we’ve got the creative talent here to do so. What Will has developed here along with me is a real interesting culture at Maxis… and that legacy will very much continue to be a force as we move forward.”

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