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Kotaku Preview: Spore Galactic Adventures, it’s ups and downs

Posted by ballightning on April 10, 2009


And this time we have impressions from Kotaku. This one looks at the upside and the downsides to Galactic Adventures


What Needs Improvement?
Spare Me Spore: Whatever else this expansion accomplishes, it’s not going to change anyone’s mind about the game. It doesn’t address all the issues critics attacked the game for; it doesn’t do anything particularly new or different to the established method of playing the game. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad expansion – it just means it’s almost exclusively “for the fans.”

Wings are in the way: You play the adventure mode pretty much the same way you play the creature mode – from a behind the shoulders view. However, because it’s an adventure and not a virgin planet, there is often a lot of stuff on screen at one time that narrows your field of vision (buildings, trees, cars, etc.). This kind of makes it hard to play the Captain like you would an adventure game – especially if they have wings that get in the way whenever they walk into a building-dense town to talk to an NPC.

Adventure ADD: Twenty minutes wasn’t really enough time to get a handle on how intuitive the adventure editor was – but I get the distinct feeling that all of the stuff you can do (planet editing, object editing, NPC dialogue trees) will likely overwhelm more than a few seasoned Spore players. Even my demo master said he’d start to create an adventure then “get ADD” and never finish it. He’d get side-tracked by some neat gimmick he invented (like disguising mines as cakes – see below) and forget what he wanted his enemy NPCs to do when they encounter the Captain (follow, territorial, defend, etc.).


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2 Responses to “Kotaku Preview: Spore Galactic Adventures, it’s ups and downs”

  1. simon said

    wait disguising mines as cakes? well ill never eat a cake after all theyre all lies

  2. Hehe.

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