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G4 TV: Spore Galactic Adventures Impressions

Posted by ballightning on April 10, 2009

Yet another preview from EA’s showing on Wednesday evening, this one is from G4 TV.

I played a few missions and was impressed with the variety of possibilities. The first mission put me on a planet at war with a group of invading aliens. Allied with the indigenous species, my goal was to infiltrate and destroy the enemy drop ship. At the beginning, I snuck by an ongoing battle between the two factions and fought my way through some guards to find a gate. Blowing up the gate revealed an enemy installation that holds a teleporter to the ship, which was behind a red force field. The head of the guard has the red key, which drops the force field. Once inside the ship, I had to navigate the corridors to find the ship’s reactor, and after destroying it I had 30 seconds to escape. Once I escaped and the mission was completed, I was rated on my speed and completion percentage. If the level is shared, times will be compared to other Spore players on a leaderboard. Sweet!

So how complicated is it to create a mission like that? Not very. Assuming all of the assets are already created, a mission like this could be constructed in 20 to 30 minutes. The scripting engine is simple, but powerful. Each mission can have five acts, which advance when goals are met. These goals can be things like “blow up the gate”, “use the teleporter”, “blow-up the reactor”, and “escape the ship” (which is actually just using another teleporter). There are many more possibilities here.

The battle that I saw when I first landed was simple to set up. The two factions were set to continuously respawn and be aggressive toward each other. After that, their awareness radius is set to allow them to see each other. Instant battle. Power users will be able to tweak their stats if they want the battle to play out in a certain way.

To completely contrast this mission, the next one I was shown was Spore’s take on football. I beamed down onto a giant football field and grabbed a key, which functions as a ball. The key could also be disguised as another object, but remains functionally the same as a key if the creator chose. Grabbing the key triggers the defensive creatures that charge you and attempt to stun and then kill you, much like linebackers. Your job is to run between the defense to the end zone, which is activated by the key. It plays out extremely quickly, but is very fun.

The last mission I saw before diving into the editor was a bowling-type game. I had to attack a creature that, when hit, would fly off in a straight line along the ground. By aiming my attack, I had to hit objects with the creature. After each object, the creature would reset and I could take another shot.

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