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Uber Creation Contest – Win a copy of Galactic Adventures!

Posted by ballightning on April 10, 2009

Uber Creation Contest Spore


UPDATE (15th April):  We are now offering a prize for the winning entry, a free copy of Galactic Adventures! The creator of the winning submission will win a copy of Galactic Adventures, and an exclusive interview with Sporedum. We have also increased the amount of creations  you can enter which you made  to 4, so start entering them now! 


Over the last year, ever since the Creature Creator was released in June 2008, there has been some amazing creations created. In a quest to find the best of these 94,000,000 creations, Sporedum and Sporeprograms have teamed together to find the best creations, in the Uber Creation Contest! There are 4 categories for creations to enter: Creatures, Buildings, Vehicles and Spaceships.

And guess what! You get to decide who wins!


If you have any questions, post a comment below.


How to Submit: 

• Find any creation, made by any user.

• Get the png link and the sporepedia link.

• send your entries to sporedum@gmail.com (You can only submit one of your own creations, but we’d like you to submit creations from other users!)

How to Email:

• The title should be “Uber Creation Contest”

• Inside the email include a link to the png image and a link to the sporepedia



The person who created the winning creation will win a copy of Spore: Galactic Adventures!


Judging : 

• There is an internal judging proces which we have organized to select the top 10 creations for each category

• The finalists will be posted up here at sporedum, and then you can vote on the winning creations at Sporeprograms!

• The judges include: Grimbot, Virakotxa, smallboy1995beta_psi and techno605 (and maybe 1 or 2 more we are still organzing)

• Judges and people affliated with Maxis, Sporedum or SporePrograms may not have any of their creations entered in the contest.



The creations: 

• Must be playble using Spore 1.3, however you can use creepy and cute parts. Asymmetry and AddDNA are allowed, as these are still playable. However you cannot use hacked parts or increased complexity.

• Can be made in Spore or the Creature Creator

• Must not have any offensive material

• You may not enter more then 1 of your own creation, put feel free to enter as many as you want from other creators (so pick your best!)


For winning Galactic Adventures:

• The creator of the creation which wins the most votes will get the prize, if we cannot contact him/her then it will go to the second creation etc

• This competition is across all countries, as long the total cost is under $50US and can be imported to your country in an easy manner. This is up to the sole discretion of me and Judson.


Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered to win this contest.



Submission Dealines/Timeline: 

• All submissions must be in by 12:00 AM PST Thursday (04/16/09) 

• Judges will go through 2 rounds off cutting/voting internally, then all the finalists (10 from each category) will be posted at Sporedum, and you can vote on your final creations at SporePrograms!

• The finalists should be posted before 12:00 AM PST Sunday (04/19/09)

• Voting will take place for 1 week finishing on 12:00 PM PST Sunday (04/26/09)

• There will be a winner for each category, and an overall winning creation.



Thanks very much to Virakotxa for the artwork for this competition!



Q.  So who gets the prize, the creator of the submitter?

A. The Creator will get the prize, as they made the creation.


Q. How many creations can i submit?

A. You can submit as many as you want, send in 100 if you want!


Q. I have already sent an email, can i send more creations in?

A. Yes you can, you can keep emailing us with more and more creations, as long as only one is made by you.


18 Responses to “Uber Creation Contest – Win a copy of Galactic Adventures!”

  1. Enthernaler said

    so…we should go working and editing our creations to the best,but without all this mods and programs in sporedum,DOH.

  2. MSCE5 said

    Nice contest here! I’ll definetly enter…

  3. I can’t wait to see the submissions here. Great contest idea! -MC

  4. Antiangel said

    I think this uber contest will be uber fun. Can’t wait to see sporecast with the best entries!

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  6. Does this work without sharing because my account got terminated a month ago

  7. ballightning said

    If you can get a png which will import into a normal spore editor then yes.

  8. Ryuujin said

    I have to say it’s a shame grimbot’s one of the judges. He’s probably the single most inspiring creator I subscribe to by a long shot =3

  9. Great Idea

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  12. […] the other creations. Just follow the guide on how to enter (which only is sending 1 email) in the sticky post and you could have your copy of Spore’s first expansion […]

  13. Shinobi said

    DOH, i dont have maxis acc for sporeedia

  14. killapenguin said

    are u aloud to post ur own creation?

  15. ballightning said

    The competition is closed (read dates). Voting will be soon.

  16. Noah Da Pwner said

    under the C in creation i think i see a tall grox!

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