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Beyond Spore: Ideas for Connective Games (Part 2)

Posted by ballightning on April 13, 2009

Last week we posted about a blog post that Neil Sorens from Gamasutra posted about Connectivity in games. He has now posted part 2.


Although distributed computing has been applied to many processing-intensive tasks, it has seen minimal application in games thus far. 

Raph Koster’s laws of online world design state: “Never put anything on the client.  The client is in the hands of the enemy.  Never ever ever forget this.”

This observation certainly holds true for Koster’s MMOs, whose appeal lies primarily with achievement simulation in a multiplayer environment.   It is also true of any multiplayer game where the game’s competitive integrity can be compromised by a subverted client.  Since opening the door to cheating can make competitive victory and simulated achievement feel hollow, distributed computing is not a suitable replacement for game servers in these situations.

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