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Galactic Adventures Construction Tips

Posted by ballightning on April 14, 2009

 Grimbot from the official forums has created a guide on how to create creations when preparing for Galactic Adventures. He tells us how to skip over many of the potential problems, and also gives us advise on how to maximise your creations. It is advised for any want to be creators to view the community interview, and to watch the numerous videos. Here are the main points which he covered:

  • Low Complexity
  • Flexibility
  • Space, Size, and Scale
  • Templates
  • Measuring
  • Stopping Time
  • Thinking Outside the Box

Here is the first topic, head over to the thread to view the rest of his post.

Low Complexity: 

We know that you can build props and prefabs in any editor (props are usually single objects like flaming televisions or lamp posts and prefabs are pre-grouped collections of objects like pieces of buildings or forklifts full of crates). We also know that the complexity meter for an adventure calculates in the complexity of the original objects that are put into it. That means that the less complex your objects are, the more you can have in a single adventure. 

This fire extinguisher doesn’t show up on the complexity meter at all.  

You need at least three pieces to be able to save in any of the editors. Once you’ve added a fourth piece, that’s potentially one less object you can have in your adventure, so make sure that piece is worth it. 

In fact, make sure they’re all worth it. 

If you want to build economically, try not to have hidden objects that are buried in the center of another object. Also, try to avoid burying complex objects deep inside other objects. There’s probably a way to get the effect you’re looking for cheaper. Of course, sometimes you need to have hidden parts, but in the building editor you don’t need “supports” if you’re using SHIFT and CTRL, so there’s no excuse! 



Also, here is an update on some of the new sporecasts for GA props and buildings.

These are the 2 main sporecasts for Galactic Adventures, the first featuring common use items and the second for buildings and other large items.

Prop Shop Sporecast

Prefab Sporecast






And here is a list of other related sporecasts: 


Andeavor’s eye-popping architecture  
Cathartidae’s maze collection 
LSunday’s Maze parts 
Dragon131’s castle set 
Geezas Props 
Ninjageek’s lava set 
Adiata’s desert buildings 
Kiwi-Tea’s fabulous library 
Kiwi-Tea’s golden huts and houses 
Sciocont’s killer weapons 
Grimbot’s Many and Varied prop sporecasts 
01001101’s Interstellar Intersections


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