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SporeDay: Polypod Gait Tutorial

Posted by ballightning on April 15, 2009

For today’s SporeDay event, Maxis have created a new tutorial called “Polypod Gait” (a polypod is a creature with 7 or more feet in one leg group).  If you have a polypod creature, you can pick between one of five gaits by changing the number of parts on your creature.  The best way to see the differences is to make a long flat creature with 8 or 10 legs on it, and then put detail parts down the middle of the spine.

By adding or subtracting parts one at a time, you can control how your creature walks. The gait will cycle between five different types, which include caterpillar, camel, etc. The list is below.  It’s easy to play with it in the creature editor once you know it’s there, just remember that symmetry counts as two parts, so add the parts down the middle to do one at a time.

Drop by the Sporums to show off your creation’s animation!


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