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Worthplay preview: Spore: Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on April 16, 2009

As you might guess, you’re not really being given a game here. Spore: Galactic Adventures is a toolkit used to make games, using blank worlds as a staging ground. It’s impressively flexible, allowing you to play through adventures using your own custom-evolved hero or one determined for you by the scenario, and to create your own custom adventures with which to befuddle your friends.

In Galactic Adventures, you begin with a blank world and a large number of tools you can play with. One of Maxis’ employees was killing time at a recent EA event in San Francisco by designing a birthday party-themed level, with confetti generators and playing clowns; other adventures were set in a tiny universe, with the player’s character standing atop a planet like the last level ofKatamari Damacy and jumping from star to star, and on a battlefield, where two alien races were shooting it out for supremacy. The player’s job in the latter scenario was to get behind enemy lines and figure out a way to get onto his opponent’s mother ship in order to prevent them from constantly teleporting in reinforcements.

Read the full preview


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