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Chris Hecker’s Liner Notes for Spore

Posted by ballightning on April 18, 2009

Chris Hecker (Spore Developer) has posted on his personal blog about his notes and early documentations from Spore.  Here is his most recent post called liner notes of Spore, in which he shows the construction of Spore creatures – texturing, meshing and the behaviors.  If you’re a Spore fan, it’s a must read – especially the Behavior Tree Docs! Thanks to SporePrograms for the tip.

Chris Hecker – Liner Notes for Spore

This page is intended to be a sort of liner notes for my contributions to Spore. It’s a place for me to write up miscellaneous development comments about the parts of the game I worked on, while they’re still fresh in my mind. I think the game had over 80 people working on it towards the end, and it was in development for more than 5 years, so basically everything in the game was touched by more than one person and was a team effort. Given that, I will strive for inclusion and accuracy, and I will only talk about systems to which I made substantial contributions.

Head over to the Liner Notes for Spore page for more




654px-Behaviortree2 Intestisaur-alpha Intestisaur Beetle Lizard RedOgre Turtle Rhino TreeFrog2 Brushpsd Frog-diffuse Frog Squid-print Squid-cubes Squid-metaballs Squid-mesh Squid-skin


One Response to “Chris Hecker’s Liner Notes for Spore”

  1. MrCasual said

    Wow, that two legged Lizard looks REALLY realistic for Spores engine. Makes me wonder what it would have been like if they didn’t go all cutesy with it. Maybe EA will release a “Realistic creatures” expansion or something.

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