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EA’s (Evil?) Master Plan!!

Posted by ballightning on April 18, 2009

Sp-Banega-0re from the official UK forum has made a very interesting, and valid point about what might be going through the minds of the people in power at EA. Note that this is not my opinion.

I went for a walk a few days ago when I realised what EA’s evil plan actually is, and now that Will’s left, nobody can save us!

How many of you don’t have C+C? I don’t, and I can tell you that it is INCREDIBLY annoying that you can’t use, edit or even view creatures that use it. It is so tempting to buy C+C to avoid this problem, but if I buy that, I’ll buy all the others that are bound to come, and waste both money and PC space.

So if the problem is this bad after just one small parts pack, what about when another gets released? And another? We can probably expect about 7 different parts packs, not including proper expansions that will probably contain some parts. Imagine what a nightmare it will be with 7 different parts packs in the Spore game, and you can’t view the creations unless you have every part that has been used in the creation.

The top creators will undoubtedly buy every single one, and use a lot of different parts in each creation, so what will happen to the people who can’t afford all the expansions, or have other hobbies to buy things for? Their game will be ruined, unless they buy every single expansion. Yet again, EA have proven that all they care about is money.


thanks EA


It seems that this scheme works, here is Redunzgofasta also from the official UK forum about how this is the only reason he bought C&C:

That is the only reason I got C&C and the sole reason why GA will be the last I will buy.


4 Responses to “EA’s (Evil?) Master Plan!!”

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  2. boymac said

    Um… wow… I don’t believe that… The game is still useable even if you can’t sum up $20 for an expansion pack…

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  4. Sp-Banega-0re said

    Thanks Ball_Lightning for this!

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