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Spores procedural terrain texturing

Posted by ballightning on April 18, 2009


Ocean Quigley (Art Director for Spore) once again has made a new update on his blog.  In his most current post, he talks about textures on generated planets, sharing more of his prototype artwork. Thanks to SporePrograms for the tip.

It was really important to me that the textures conform meaningfully to the terrain. I didn’t want to have them look like a carpet covering the landscape, ignoring it’s topography. So I came up with this approach. (incidentally, I’ve just recently discovered World-Machine, which does a masterful job at this sort of thing, and more)

This image shows the steps going from the terrain’s topography (known as a heightfield) to the final texture. The heightfield had to be filtered to get the structure to emerge. And various other textures had to be blended in and integrated.

planet_material_writeup2 planet_material_writeup planet texturing


One Response to “Spores procedural terrain texturing”

  1. EA ruins everything once again! said

    Oh well, I gues that when money is involved, EA forces Maxis to permanently destroy the graphics that made Spore’s prototype popular, raise its hype, then sell us crap! How typical.

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