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Creator Spotlight: smallboy1995

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009


Smallboy1995 is a fantastic creating, including the amazing vox series (which are the to images on the right) along with many other amazing creations. 

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Sporedum’s Creator/Creature Spotlight Homepage

Creation DetailLocation: America

Profile: smallboy1995
Sporedum: Your creations are awesome! Do you find any particular inspiration for your work? 


SmallBoy1995: Well, it depends whether or not I have anything in my head at the time. If not, I’ll browse the features and MPN, or look some pictures up. If that doesn’t help, I’ll think back to some of the Sci-Fi novels I’ve read, like Ender’s Game, Necropath, or Helix. 





Sporedum: You get a lot of great ratings for your creations, as well as many comments. Have you met anyone during your experience playing Spore? 

Creation Detail

SmallBoy1995: Alkalinahid was very helpful in giving comments, criticism and support. I would come home to about 15-20 comments all by them. I’ve also met some nice people on the forums, like Thobewill (Became friends through competing in his contests) and Egratt (from C.U.S.T.O.S.) 


Sporedum: Looking through your 350+ creations, it’s hard to pick out one that is the best. Do you have a personal favorite? And what is your favorite creation by another player?

SmallBoy1995: My favorite creation would be my Vox Planet Cracker, my first and only featured creation. My favorite newer creation would be my Blood Seeker, which made it to the top of the MPN. My favorite creation by a different player would be the Pleasure Dome by Andeavor, which inspired the Vox Planet Cracker. 


Creation Detail

Sporedum: Which editor is your favorite to create in (creature, building, vehicle, spaceship)? Why?

SmallBoy1995: I am split between 2 editors. Those 2 would be the Creature Editor, and any of the Vehicle Editors. The Creature Editor was the first 1 I ever created in, giving me experience. The Vehicle Editor would be because it was the first editor I tried once I got the game.


Sporedum: Many of your creations have a very stylized look – do you have a story or theme behind your creations? 

SmallBoy1995: In short; No. Why? I have made a few series’ but most are just inspired by whatever comes up. 





Sporedum: Your creations seem like they have gotten more sophisticated as you continued to create. Do you feel your creations have evolved with time? 

SmallBoy1995: I do, but not essentially due to time. I would say, after looking through the pages of great creators and disassembling their creations and learning, has helped them evolve. I once got a comment saying “If your birth date is 1995, then I can’t wait to see how you improve as you get older.” I responded with a comment saying age doesn’t play into it. 


Sporedum: What would be the most essential piece of advice you could give for people to improve their creations? 

Creation Detail

SmallBoy1995: I would tell them to look through the MPN and the featured creations and take them apart to learn new techniques. It works very well. 


Sporedum: Are you excited about the release of Spore Galactic Adventures on the 23rd of June? And how do you think you will use the adventures creator to advance you creations? 

SmallBoy1995: I’m neutral about the release. Not to say I won’t probably buy it, but I’m just not too sure. I really don’t think it will help me advance my creations, but it may throw some new inspiration into the air. Who knows? Maybe it will help. 


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