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PocketGamer’s first look at Spore Hero Arena DS

Posted by ballightning on April 25, 2009

It has taken some time, but we know have our first glimpese about the other Spore games (Spore Hero for Wii, Spore Hero Arena for DS and Spore: Creature Keeper for the PC).  Looks like information is starting to come out, as PocketGamer was able to catch a glimpse of Spore Hero Arena for the Nintendo DS!

The main mode of the game is linear and level-based and has you following the story of the inhabitants of the planet, one group of which are being wiped out by the other. Of course, this enables you to get all combat-y on the bad guys without moral ambiguity. So you’ll wander around, eating things and collecting blue shards to build up and evolve your creature, and fighting.

Movement is stylus-based. You just drag it around the screen and your creature follows on. In combat, you’ll use the D-pad, which triggers moves such as spitting and striking, and you can hold down the D-pad to power up super moves.

As well as the planetary activity, you’ll get involved in the arena-based battling which give the game its name. These have you fighting against multiple enemies (up to three); either computer controlled, or against your friends in multiplayer mode.

The types of games include activities such as Capture the Egg (like Capture the Flag but with an egg) and Battle Royale, in which you have to push your opponents over the edge of a platform. The arenas will feature in game’s main mode, but you’ll also be able to select them individually from the main menu if you just want a quick blast. Lots more battle types are promised, but EA is yet to reveal them.

PocketGamer – EA evolves Spore Hero Arena into a DS battler

Source: SporePrograms


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