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IGN: Spore Galactic Adventures previews and 13 new screens

Posted by ballightning on April 29, 2009

IGN has a new preview today on Spore Galactic Adventures, as well as 13 new screens from the game, i think it is time for some analysis soon!

You don’t need to play the space stage to experience adventures, either. You can simply load up any adventure, whether it is Maxis made, self-made, or downloaded from the community. The first time you create a captain the game loads up Adventure Town, which introduces you to the basics of being a space captain. Adventure Town is sort of a zany place; there are really happy space bunnies doing happy dances everywhere (with some funky techno music in the background), shooting confetti, and welcoming your arrival. The mayor greets with you a couple of alien babes at his flanks, and explains how you can interact with various citizens to get quests. It’s just like an MMORPG in some ways; just look for the person with an exclamation point over their heads and talk to them.

IGN:  Spore Galactic Adventures preview

spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035155370 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035200995 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035205479 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035209729 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035214495 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035219292 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035234166 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035239104 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035243510 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035247869 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035251885 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035256306 spore-galactic-adventures-20090428035300853


6 Responses to “IGN: Spore Galactic Adventures previews and 13 new screens”

  1. Xirifus said

    It’s been pretty quiet in Sporedum’s comments on these days, so lemme start; Those screenshots give (at least to me) very good ideas for my future, incoming adventures when GA is released. And at least screens from adventure “infestation” with all those dark colours and dialog-boxes show a new side of Spore: GA


    • ballightning said

      Been pretty busy with real life. We’re going to have a exclusive look into the newest video and these screenshots later today (hopefully).

  2. Damien said


    Please oh please, analyze these Screens!

  3. Jonathanrex1 said

    It seems Maxis creations are much improved in GA then the orignal Spore. Just look at Bopeep & the sheep.

  4. So this proves there are no costume details

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