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New Galactic Adventures Videos

Posted by ballightning on May 1, 2009

Gamespot have released 5 new videos based around the various aspects in Galactic Adventures. Thanks very much to Discovery Spore for uploading them to YouTube! If i have time tomorrow, i’ll take some screenshots of it and do an analysis of it. If you feel inclined to do it yourself, feel free to do it and email it to BalLightning@gmail.com and i’ll post it up!

Also don’t hesitate to post these around at other sites/forums, as long as you provide a link to here, in fact it would be greatly appreciated if you did!


See our Galactic Adventure Videos Page for more!



6 Responses to “New Galactic Adventures Videos”

  1. Fartoholic said


  2. […] Spore and Sporedum both have discovered 5 new gameplay videos from Spore Galactic Adventures posted on […]

  3. Chosenoneknuckles said

    Lovin’ the ‘party’ vibe going on in the first video, it reminded me of the Star Festival at the beginning of Super Mario Galaxy!

    Also, kudos for whoever made the museum tidbit, I know I’m gonna have fun making planetary museums when I first get GA [before I start making fully fledged adventures].

    As for the rest… simply awesome. Especially the new musics, they’re very atmospheric this time, and also the planet terrains are more diverse than what those in Spore ultimately ended up being [once you’d visited two or three planets after take off from your home world].

    I’m very, VERY excited for GA’s release [whenever that is] in Europe now! ^-^

  4. Benjabby said

    I love the cool effects like the Butterflys, the moon wind (on base defence)
    This is awesome the things you can create………in my arena I’m going to have 100 creatures, the smallest size they can be and there really strong,small,fast and of course….THERES 100!

  5. I always want my own words in GA, you can make them

  6. Jonathanrex1 said

    The desert race certanitly quells my fears on complexiety limits !

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