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Spore: The road to 100 Million Creations

Posted by ballightning on May 1, 2009

100 Million Creations

It has only been just over 10 months since the initial release of Spore Creature Creator, and 8 months since the release of Spore. In that time there has now been 100,000,000 creations made by 2,700,000 users. We have seen some amazing creations over this time and we will feature our favorite below. Check out the Sporepedia to find all the creations, but even if you look at 1 creation every 6 seconds for 24 hours none stop, you will be looking at them for 2 years! Within 2 weeks after Spore’s release, there was 20,000,000 creations created.

Maxis created a competition last month which is based around the 100 millionth creation.


Spore had a massive following after years of hype, especially after the release of the 2005 GDC Demo. Then with the release of the Creature Creator on June 17 that the world of Spore began to move away from Maxis into the general public. In only 10 days, over 1 million creations were made, and everything was set for the release of Spore in September. With the initial controversy of the early release in Australia, it seemed to have the perfect launch, including many high ratings from the gaming industry. A spook site Anti-Spore started up which was a site created by Creationists, they then revealed that it was an experiment of theirs. 

However, the attention of the public quickly moved to the issue of DRM, and spore’s limit of 3 installs, this was highlighted with Amazon’s rating for Spore of 1 star at the time. The DRM caused a massive amount of piracy around the release, eventually making Spore the most illegally downloaded game for 2008. This led to EA loosening the DRM many times, including the release of the De-Authorization tool.

By the 26th of September, Spore had sold over 1 million copies and announced only days later that 2 expansions would be coming for Spore, Creepy and Cute and Galactic Adventures. Around this time the first court actions around Spore began over the undesclosed use of SecoROM on players computer, over the coming months, this would eventually be taken to the American Trade Commision. 

On the 28th of November, the main modding tool for Spore, SporeMaster, was released by Void which kickstarted the modding community which has produced many mods, the most popular ones BetterSpore and the EpicMod. Maxis have supported the modding community and released a mod of their own to combat the issue of unreachable planets.

The recent months has been focused on waiting for the Spore expansion Galactic Adventures, which is due to hit stores on June 23rd. Maxis released another video today showing off another of the Maxis made missions. And we can expect thousands of missions to be made when Galactic Adventures is released. If you are unsure of how to prepare, check out our guide on what people are doing to prepare for the Spore expansion.

Brilliant Creations

We have seen some amazing creations over the past year, with some of the famous authors recieving over 10,000 comments. We have interviewed some of the popular and upcoming creators with our Creator Spotlight. There have been some stunning sets, like these Halo creations, and we will showcase our favorite creations below.

Creation Detail

Creation Detail

Chanctum and Muliezent by Techno605 (Creator Spotlight)

Techno’s Creations are absolutely stunning, and is probably one of the best architects for the Building editors. He managed to complete a challenge to create a hollow sphere that people thought was impossible. Techno605 is one of the judges for our recent Uber Creation Contest.

Techno is probably the most popular creator of abstract creations using the Building editor.







Creation Detail

Creation Detail

Doll Paper and Shield Generator V-Lotus by Didzo

Didzo is an amazing creator of creations which emulate modern artwork, he also has created some stunning spaceships. Didzo is one of the most popular creatures, especially amoing the creators at the official forums.








Creation Detail

Creation Detail

Solar Fly and Neme’las Courier by Beta_Psi (Creator Spotlight)

Beta_Psi is another stunning creator, with creations from amazing flies to stunning Atlantis architecture. Beta_Psi recently held a very successful Space Creation Contest which attracted over a hundred entries. Beta_Psi is one of the judges for our recent Uber Creation Contest.


8 Responses to “Spore: The road to 100 Million Creations”

  1. sonicdude98 (shade10247 on SporeMods) said

    What was it?

    • ballightning said

      There is no idea what the 100 millionth creation was as there was about 10,000 in the space of less then an hour.

  2. judhudson said

    I wish I had a good enough attention span like you do – awesome write up Nic 😀

  3. Chosenoneknuckles said

    I really hope it was someone outside of the US who got the 100 millionth spot, because EA’s contest was very ignorant in assuming that it’d be a USer only [in my honest opinion]…

  4. SporeLvr said

    Best coverage outside of Spore Illustrated which, I believe, broke the story.

    You’d think EA would do a better job of covering it then a simple link to Sporepedia: Spore Official News

  5. Primadog said

    To a great year!

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