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Maxis: Galactic Adventures Storyboard Contest

Posted by ballightning on May 2, 2009


We want your best adventure ideas! 

Get your best adventure ideas on paper and enter our Spore Galactic Adventures Storyboard Contest!

The first place winner will receive an NVIDIA© GeForceGTX™, a 3D printed Spore creature, and their storyboard will be used to create an adventure by Maxis developers! The second place winner will recieve 3D printed Spore sculpture. May the most awesome storyboard win! 



Official Contest FAQ 

Q:Should I draw my storyboard on paper or create it with an image editing program? 
Both methods are acceptable, but if you’re going to draw your storyboard out, make sure you have access to a scanner so you can get it online. 

Q: Can my submissions be in color? 
A: Submissions can be in color or black and white. 

Q: How many pages can I submit? 
A: You can submit up to 10 pages. 

Q: How do I create a storyboard page? 
A: Use any image editing program, such as photoshop, gimp, or even ms paint! You can also use the free Mashon Spore Comic Creator

Q: Where can I post pictures of my storyboard for others to see? 
A: You’re welcomed to post images here on the forum! Share what you’ve got, get feedback, and improve your entry! 

Q: The rules state that the winners get 3d printed creatures. What creature will they recieve? 
A: We’ll ask the winners for a few of their favorite creations that they’ve made, and choose one to print for them!


One Response to “Maxis: Galactic Adventures Storyboard Contest”

  1. Jerard said

    How the heck are you supposed to write a significant story line with only 10 pages?

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