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Theft of GA Missions: Impossible

Posted by ballightning on May 5, 2009

Yesterday Arkanay on the official forums brought up the question of the possible theft of missions. This has been a hot topic lately as many creations have been stolen and made it to the MPN (most popular list), and the original creator got no credit for it. Here is what Arkanay wrote:

Ok.. so let’s suppose you spend some weeks working on a pretty cool series and when you finally post it, for some reason, maybe at the wrong time, it’s ignored.. but some guy picks it up, decides to change something here and there and posts it.. making publicity as it is his.. and it works! 

Now that would be very demoralizing.. 

With the enormous quantity of missions that are going to be developed, it’s very likely that some will be ignored.. it’s also very likely some people might hijack other ppl missions and post it as their own.. 
There will also be posts in the forum saying..” X guy stole my mission! It’s the same idea as mine!” and the idea would be.. save the princess from the evil dragon.. many people will have similar ideas, so dont start thinking you were robbed.. maybe it could have been a coincidence. 

Maybe there should be an option to lock the mission you post, so others can only play it, but only you can edit it. 

I contacted MaxisCactus about this issue, and to the joy of many posters she has posted an idea of how the current system in Ga will work:

You guys have some pretty good ideas about this that will be passed along to the team. 

In the mean time, I want to let you know that the large card for every mission will include both the original author, and the most recent author (if applicable). 

That way, everyone knows who the originator was. 

Speaking of lineage records, we also plan to release a fix for the lineage bug, that occasionally causes a parent to not show up for creations, soon. This has been linked to some creations inadvertently being featured without actually being original. 


So you can still at the moment “steal” the mission, however unless you build it entirely from scratch, then people will know who the original creator was.


10 Responses to “Theft of GA Missions: Impossible”

  1. […] Sporedum tipped off on an interesting note that may have Spore fans relaxing.  If you are a popular Spore creator and upload your content to the Sporepedia, chances are at one time you had your content stolen.  It’s a problem for many of the great Spore artists.  It’s to believe that the newest expansion would open up a bigger can of worm with the stealing of missions.  After all, it would be a pain if you spent weeks working on a mission, uploading it and then having someone come along tweaking 1 little thing and re-uploading them as their own. […]

  2. Chowza said



  3. Jobo said

    do you think they will add this feature to the other cards in sporepedia?

    • Xirifus said

      That would be good, as sometimes when I see on my all-time flowing and moving list of recently downloaded something cool, I click edit and then change the name or descritpion, so it goes to my own creations, and I will find it more easily. Only downside is, that of course the game then thinks, that I made it and my name is displayed under it.. I try to never make anything I “stole” public, but sometimes I might accidently publish it, for one reason or another, thus stealing the credit from original author

  4. Jonathanrex1 said

    Why isn’t this feature implented on all other creations ?

    • KingKez said

      I Totally agree, that way people who havn’t got “Imagination” can’t steal all our stuff.

  5. BoyMac said

    Thank God… I was getting worried about this before…

  6. To Stop Mission Theft, you should put your name (username) in the mission’s dialogue multiple times, so the people who steal it couldnt be bothered to change the name so many times (or miss it all together)

  7. MrCasual said

    Good! I made a cool Metalgreymon creature and so many clowns copied it its not even funny. I hope to make him even better with the asymmetry mod and the new GA parts.

  8. kimi said

    People can still steal if you think about it. First, play other people’s mission. Obtain the idea. Then build an adventure from scratch using that person’s idea. Release your adventure. Claim it as your own. Unless there’s a date, there’s no way you can tell who came out with that idea first.

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