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A way to detect Stolen Creations

Posted by ballightning on May 7, 2009

SniperMonkey, creator of Quality Spore which come second in the Spore API contest, has now come up with a way to find out the ‘parent’ of a creation. This means that you can look up any creation, and see if that creator was the original creator, and it shows you an image of the previous creation. 

However, there are some bugs with the Spore API which mean that not all creations which are based on another creation actually have a parent.

To test it out, just head over to Quality Spore and find a creation which you based on someone elses, and see if the parent box is there. If not, then head over to the Official Forum thread and tell SniperMonkey which creation was wrong, and what it was based on.


One Response to “A way to detect Stolen Creations”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I hope everyone enjoys the new feature. I hope everyone enjoys the new feature. There is more to come.

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