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TV show made in Galactic Adventures: Titan Maximum

Posted by ballightning on May 7, 2009

Here is what Kotaku just released and it seems they aren’t related… Well all will be revealed on May 19.

UPDATE – Oh no! Despite the video and the announcement hitting within a few days of each other, and both involving aliens and robots, Robot Chicken tell us they’re not the same project.

Titan Maximum will be a stop-motion animation project, similar to Robot Chicken. The clip above just shows the production team helping promote the upcoming Spore: Galactic Adventures by kicking the expansion’s tyres a little.


Earlier today, we posted a video that Maxis distributed which showed off something to do with Robot Chicken (a high rating TV show). Now Reuters has come out and revealed that the company is making a new TV show called Titan Maximum, which from the video we saw, could be using Spore animation instead of Clay.

“Titan,” which will launch in September with an initial order of nine episodes, was created by “Robot” co-head writer/producer Tom Root and co-creator/executive producer Matthew Senreich.

“Robot” co-creator/executive producer Seth Green will voice the show’s villain and executive produce with Root and Senreich.

The voice cast of the series also includes “Robot” players Breckin Meyer, Rachael Leigh Cook, Dan Milano and Eden Espinosa.

“Titan” is set 100 years in the future, when Saturn’s moon Titan is defended by an elite squadron of young, brash pilots whose spaceships combine to form the giant robot Titan Maximum. Because of budget cuts, the team has been disbanded but must hastily reassemble when a former team member turns rogue and tries to conquer the solar system.

Rather Galactic Adventures is used in the final TV show is still up in the air, but all will be revealed on May 19.


Source: Kotaku


5 Responses to “TV show made in Galactic Adventures: Titan Maximum”

  1. Warrah said

    I don’t want to sound rude, but don’t you think it’s possible that you may have the wrong idea here? I mean, instead of the series being based off of Galactic Adventures, maybe the video was based off this series. I may be wrong, I have not seen the video yet, I just want to give you a suggestion.


    • ballightning said

      We just don’t really know yet. Two days ago Maxis released that video with the people behind Robot Chicken in it, and it seems that something big is happening. And then Reuters came out with the info about the new series from them. You can’t ignore the link between them, but we’ll just have to wait for more info or May 19.

      • Warrah said

        Wait, the video mentioned something about “best adventure ever”. Could it be possible that the Spore team asked help from the people behind Robot Chicken so they could make the best adventure ever?

  2. Yeah, that would be copyrighted

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