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EA Spring 2009 Showcase – Spore Galactic Adventures gameplay

Posted by ballightning on May 8, 2009

Here is some gameplay footage for Galactic Adevntures:

More Galactic Adventure Videos


5 Responses to “EA Spring 2009 Showcase – Spore Galactic Adventures gameplay”

  1. simon said


  2. Damien said

    The gameplay looks impressive

  3. MrCasusl said

    This video says GA is coming to PS3, 360, and PC…did I miss something somewhere? I wouldn’t mind if it was on multiple consoles, maybe thats why EA delayed it?

    • Damien said

      Strange that I didn’t notice that.
      But, Galactic Adventures requires Spore to play, and maxis has kept reminding us of that. The only way GA could be coming for PS3 and XBOX 360 would be if they remade Spore for the consoles, unless the GA for Consoles is going to be really stripped down.

      • ballightning said

        I checked up on there website and it now says PC/Mac only, so i think this was a misprint.


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