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SecuRom Removal Program

Posted by ballightning on May 9, 2009

Well after years of SecuRom, there is now finally a program to remove SecuRom. Midfingr from Reclaim your Game has created a program to remove all aspects of SecoRom from your computer. Here at Sporedum we would like to congratulate them on the brilliant program, and thanks also to SporePrograms which successfully used it on Spore. 

Here is what the author had to say:



Last edited 4/27/2009

Introduction and About:

Thank you for downloading this file.

It’s purpose is to remove all remnants of SecuROM from your Windows system. While it does achieve most of this, you will need to (in most cases) use CCleaner to clear out two final registry entries. If you need CCleaner, please use the one included or download it from: The CCleaner web site using the Alternative Download link on that page to get it for free. It is suggested that you check for updates from within CCleaner.

From the many, many hours of work done by a great number of people from around the world, I decided to make a batch file to help end users who, for any reason, do not want SecuROM on their system.

NOTE: *Please remember that in doing so, may render your game un-playable and may need to be re-installed. The Batch file can be run after each time you play your SecuROMed game to keep your PC free of SecuROM in between.

A special note for Vista users. You may need Administrative rights, but my tests indicate that it doesn’t.


Tools needed:

secubegone.bat Zip file
CCleaner – included in the batch file Zip.
RegDelNull – included in the batch file Zip


How to use:

There is no installation need for the batch file (secubegone.bat). However you will need to installCCleaner if you do not have it on your system. Also, make sure RegDelNull is in the same folder as the batch file.

Simply run the batch file and press ‘OK’ for any pop-ups that may appear. When finished press any key to close the program. Then run CCleaner, both the Cleaner and Registry sections. Restart your computer to make  the removal finalized.

*NOTE: If needed see further instructions on using CCleaner at:

Reclaim Your Game CCleaner Tutorial Guide


What to expect:

Some elements of SecuROM may not be on your system. If you see an message stating ‘error cannot  be found’, don’t be alarmed. This is normal. If you suspect the program is not working properly, please visit: The Prism Forum and sign up for an account (it’s free) and post any questions you may have.

This is not to be used for commercial purposes and I cannot make any guarantees as each system setup is different. Althoughthis software is relatively safe to use, there is no way to confirm it will work for certain on your Windows PC.


A list of registry entries to watch out for

CmdLineContextMenu Class

Also. Select start, RUN and type ”  %appdata%  ” if the program was successful, you should not see a folder named ‘Securom’.


To Do List:

List of credits and links
SecuROMBeGone batch file (Windows Live SkyDrive) no login needed. The link takes you away from this site. When done, please hit the back button to return to this post.

Created by Midfingr


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