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Ask Maxis with Chris Hecker – accepting questions

Posted by ballightning on May 13, 2009

For today’s SporeDay, MaxisCactus is collecting questions from the Official Spore Forum community to ask Chris Hecker.





Ask Maxis with Chris Hecker 

Maxoid Chris Hecker is a technology fellow on Spore. A few of his major contributions to the project include development of procedural animation, painting, and skinning of creatures. 

You can find out more about Chris through his Liner Notes for Spore


This week, you’ll have a chance to directly ask him questions by posting them here. We’ll post the top 50 questions for you to vote on. The top 10 you choose will be answered by Checker. 

All questions posted will be considered, but I thank you in advance for keeping your inquiries civil. 

Guidelines for posting questions: 
– You can post as many questions as you like, here on the forum 
– Each question must be under 250 characters (including spaces) in order to be included in the poll 
– Post your questions by 10:00AM PDT 5/18/09 



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