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GameSpot – Spore Hero first look preview

Posted by ballightning on May 13, 2009

It seems that Maxis has heard the call of the hard core gamers. Gamespot reveals in in their first look preview that Spore Hero is aimed at the less casual gamers.

The opening scene of the game was shown at the event and vividly described how your character ends up on a new planet. Blazing through the sky on a blue meteor after your own planet explodes, you eventually crash-land on a strange world–intact, amazingly enough, considering that you start off in an egg that hasn’t even hatched yet. A red meteor is also heading in the same direction, a hint that you’re not the only one who has found a new home and that there’s probably going to be trouble. A giant yellow eyeball is one of the first things you’ll encounter as you shake the remote and try to break out of your shell. Luckily, the eye belongs to a friendly creature, who helps you get accustomed to your new surroundings.

Your nest is where you’ll access the creature creator, in which you can evolve your two-legged hatchling with new parts that you’ll find. The creator is more streamlined on the Wii, making it easy to point to and select which upgrades you want to make to your creature. You start off as a plain-looking nub with legs and two eyes, but as you explore your new environment, make friends, and defeat foes, you’ll collect an assortment of body parts that will give you new abilities. The tutorial system will prompt you if you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing, but if you’re familiar with the PC game, you should be able to easily navigate the screen.

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