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IGN: Pre-E3 2009 Spore Hero hands-on

Posted by ballightning on May 13, 2009

More Spore Heroes news.

Playing as the titular Hero, your goal is to save the world from destruction by a mysterious red meteor that crash lands on the planet. You actually arrived on the planet via a blue meteor, so this is not your homeland. You’ll need to quickly evolve and make friends with the locals so you can get to the bottom of what this red meteor is up to. Once you hatch from your egg you’ll be a very basic animal; basically a ball with legs. Initially, you’ll only have a few parts available to customize yourself with, but you’ll start finding more pieces almost immediately. Some parts will simply provide cosmetic changes, but many will alter your stats and abilities. The interface appears to be pretty user-friendly, indicating which parts are new and which will give you new talents.

You’ll also have the opportunity to evolve other creatures you encounter. In one instance, a lovelorn animal wanted only to get the attention of a lady creature who likes flowers. After we did a little editing and added some flower-like parts to the guy, the two of them seemed to hit it off and our quest was complete. 

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