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VideoGamer.com – Spore Hero First Look preview

Posted by ballightning on May 13, 2009

Yet another preview for Spore Hero

Spore Hero sensibly avoids trying to directly copy the sprawling, multi-stage gameplay of its smash-hit predecessor. What we have instead is a third-person action adventure that draws most of its inspiration from Spore’s Creature Stage. If you played the original, you’ll remember this as the bit where you wandered around the planet eating things, dancing and screwing – much like the VideoGamer.com crew at the weekend. Only with added screwing.

The real coup in design terms is that Maxis has somehow managed to squeeze the entire creature editor onto the Wii’s limited hardware. As a result, you’ll be able to build your own alien hero using 170 body parts – including all the bonus suckers, claws and squirty things that popped up in the Cute n’ Creepy expansion pack. The anatomy editor has undergone a few alterations due to the nature of Wii control: you now select your body from a range of torso shapes, rather than directly manipulating your beasty’s spine, and you’re now forced to have at least one leg; this a platform-based game after all, so slug-like wriggling won’t quite cut it.+

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