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1Up previews Spore Galactic Adventures

Posted by ballightning on May 14, 2009

Both the structure of the adventures, and the combat itself, seem to have a great deal in common with the average massively multiplayer game. The spaceport hub where I select adventures is populated with a host of non-player creatures — all of them bearing familiar-looking exclamation marks. Once I actually begin the adventure, I discover that fighting mostly consists of targeting an enemy with a click, then following with a few clicks on abilities like “Bite” or “Strike.” Also, like in MMOs, preparation is a virtue — my poor Broodax’s only weapon is its razor-sharp mandibles and the Strike ability, which makes it easy pickings when he gets surrounded. To even the odds, I’d need to do something like pick up one of the new plasma weapons lying around.

In the meantime though, there are other adventures to have, thanks to the “Quick Play” function. A quick click on the new “Galactic Adventures” tab on the main menu brings me directly to the Quick Play area, where a series of pre-built missions are available following a brief tutorial in the festive “Adventure Town.” Like most developer-built missions, these are designed to show off the possibilities within the included Adventure Creator — another prime selling point (I’ll get to that later). Sure, they’re well-made and entertaining (particularly the one featuring two sides locked in a massive conflict), but I also don’t find the pre-selected Captains particularly interesting — I missed my Broodax.

I actually find myself spending a great deal more time with the Adventure Creator, which is every bit as robust as the rest of Spore’s customization tools. With the help of Maxis’ handy checklist and a range of pre-made planets, I quickly whipped up a battle royale between my Broodax Captain and a host of hostile aliens. Nothing particularly fancy, but enough to get a good sense of the editor’s scope.

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