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GameDaily – Spore Hero preview

Posted by ballightning on May 14, 2009

Designed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii, Spore Hero’s controls have been made even easier. The original game’s integral procedure animations were brought over from PC version in total and were mapped to the Wii controller enabling gamers the ability to crack eggs, pull off combat moves moves, and collect items. In many situations, like creating, you’ll just point at an object to select it; there is no dragging and clicking required.

While many aspects were simplified for the Wii version Spore Hero still contains a majority of the original game’s core elements. Instead of spawning your own race and then taking over galaxies in a sort of Darwinian race to evolve first and strongest in Spore, players must create their own hero, but also help other creatures evolve to fight by your side in Spore Hero. And yes, by hero, we mean a Spore character that’s destined to save the world. 

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