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GoNintendo: Spore Hero details

Posted by ballightning on May 14, 2009

GoNintendo has posted a few details about Spore Hero.

  • Built from scratch by EA Montreal
  • The dev team aimed for a ‘Nintendo-style’ look
  • Gameplay focuses: exploration/evolution/action
  • Procedural animation brought over from PC version
  • Almost the same amount of editor options as PC version
  • Editor features overhauled to make them easier to use on Wii (bigger buttons, less dragging)
  • First thing you’ll do is break out of your egg shell by waggling the Wiimote
  • Up to 250 creature parts to buy
  • Be nice or be mean…different parts add to different demeanors
  • Access new areas with different parts
  • Hub zone holds secrets depending on what parts your creature has
  • Select parts by ability (dancing, fighting, and many more)

One Response to “GoNintendo: Spore Hero details”

  1. Chosenoneknuckles said

    I think this and GA are gonna be good in their own right[s], and will evolve the best part of the Spore game [the creators] and flesh the series out into an actual game game.

    I can’t wait for them to come out. ^-^

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