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Gryphon57’s First Post

Posted by ballightning on May 17, 2009

Gryphon57 has just returned from the adventure camp based on Galactic Adventures, here are her first impressions:


Well, just arrived home this morning and what with the time change etc, I’m pretty tired…but still pretty fired up about such a great opportunity! NeoCell, the game allows a very large number of objects and creatures to be placed in the game. I didn’t count how many creatures it allowed etc but I should think that most of us will be quite satisfied with the complexity allowed. GA is pretty huge, at least that is how it felt with the bit of time we were given to toy with it (and by little…I’m refering to how much time a lot of us spend just making creations…you catch my drift!) How complex you make your planet/missions is totally up to you, but believe me….there are endless possibilities that will keep you engrossed for long periods of time. 

I’m far to tired to answer all the questions right now, but do want to extend my thanks to Maxis as they were incredibly good to us. They have a fantastic team there and all of them are very excited about GA and also the community here…all of the community. There is a lot of excitement about the release of GA and I think , like proud moms and dads, can’t wait to hear back from the community about their experiences etc. I whipped up a little creation…in my mind numbing exhaustion..heheh…a little tribute I suppose…and it was really fantastic to meet all the other creators as well and can now put a face and personality to all those people…quite a dynamic and wonderful bunch of folks!


5 Responses to “Gryphon57’s First Post”

  1. NeoCell said

    Hey! My name is in that post! Isn’t that like… illegal with the whole copyright thing? Still… I look good… or atleast my name does…

    • ballightning said

      There really isn’t any copy right on the internet, and i don’t believe you have patented the name have you?

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  3. ivod1 said

    i was wondering if ga combines with the original game so you can beem down from space to planets with missions?

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