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Masscolder’s first posts

Posted by ballightning on May 17, 2009

Masscolder was another member of the group which went to see Galactic Adventures, here is what he has had to say so far.



Just came back (overnight flight, jetlag) so I will post more extensively later. But briefly: it was tons of fun, great meeting everyone (players and devs), the studio space is awesome; GA is HUGE, I think we all pretty much agreed that its way more than what the Q&A makes it sound like; it’s quite complex… out of all of us goofing around with it for two days, I think only 2 or 3 people managed to complete their missions, the rest of us pretty much completed the set up (terrain, scenes, props) but were wrestling with the AI and triggers; my personal favorite things were the AMAZING visual and sound effects (makes the game feel so much more alive).

Captain editor is cool, all the new parts are pretty well detailed, I’m still lukewarm about the fact that now all outfit pieces stack (meaning that things like patterns and using two pieces one inside the other to create a different look are no longer going to be possible) but the devs promised to look into toggling the stacking on and off.

One great new feature tho is that you can now sink some of the captain parts inside the base which allows you to place a helm piece for example actually on the head versus it sitting like a hump on top. And…. gosh… I’m sure I’m missing a ton of stuff. There is lineage now… meaning the original creator of a post GA released creation/mission will always be displayed, and the most recent person who edited the creation/mission will come after, and last the person whose the current edit belongs to.

So that pretty much does away with the thieves. Cee has a bunch of pics she took, I’m sure she’ll be posting them soon. Overall GA looks very very promising and I do anticipate that most people will be playing missions other than creating them, as that process looks quite involved and time consuming, if you really wanna make something cool. But… that means that Spore if finally going to feel much more like a game, and less like a bunch of editors.



Complexity isnt an issue at all. I don’t think anyone managed to max it. The terrain editor and mission editors have separate meters that arent connected, and you can do A LOT with both editors. In fact, to do some very precise things with the terrain (like manually adjust trees and rocks) you need to use the mission editor, load stuff up as props, and then pinpoint their position.

And that didn’t feel taxing at all. The mission I worked on had 3 acts, one of which included a battle between two armies, each with spaceships, vehicles, units, AND a bunch of sound and visual effects (love how spaceships shoot lasers btw, and that laser rain effect is insane). All in all I ended up mid complexity. And from this point on, there is really just cosmetic stuff to do, like work on triggers, add some props, make some edits to creatures to better fit their roles etc. Really not an issue, I know Foto barely hit mid complexity with his too. 

Edit: The 100 creations thing is actually not true. Others will have to correct me if I’m wrong but from what Kip said, you can add 100 of ONE thing, regardless of its complexity, I think thats what they meant with that. I had easily way over 100 units/props/etc.



Yea, even the guys at Maxis said it took them a week or two to make some of the adventures they have. And I believe it, they had a bunch that were max complexity. Also kudos to Maxis for all the pre-made props, really good job, way better than the pre made in game stuff they have. Which reminds me, adding the “GAprop” tag to a creation will not pollinate it in game as a regular building. 

I think the way it will work is creators will make a more or less complete adventure in a few days and then iron out the bugs and glitches as its being played and slowly add on to it. So we’ll very likely be seeing a lot of remakes, variations, and different versions. Which makes the lineage even more handy.



One very cool thing about missions rating btw is that you can do it from in game and only after you have completed the mission. So you can’t easily mass up or downrate. And rightfully so, since missions are extreeeemely time consuming to make.



You know Im not under the impression that props need to be low complexity. You can put I think 100 of a single prop regardless of how complex it is. Maxis or the other guys who went to the camp, will have to correct me if Im wrong but I think that’s what Kip (one of the producers) said.


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