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Parkaboy First Posts

Posted by ballightning on May 17, 2009

Here are some of Parkaboy’s first posts from the forums about Galactic Adventures, there will be more coming soon.


Well hi there! I`m still at the hotel in Emeryville, and I`ll only arrive home tomorrow. I`ll have a lot more tips then, but I`ll give you guys an appetizer. 

– Collision detection on buildings is pretty good, but not perfect. If you resize the building to it`s maximum size, a slight clipping may occur (the creatures may enter a couple of feet into the walls). You can use invisible “gate” objects to block the passage of the creatures. I did that with my Bauder Dome so the hero wouldn’t fly through what was supposed to be “glass”. 

– Interiors work very well, but you may want to create big rooms, so the camera doesn`t go too crazy. You may also want to make it modular, since you can use TONS of buildings (you can use up to 5 pages of ten creations of each kind – creatures, buildings, vehicles) 

– you can “disguise” gameplay objects such as keys, gates or crates as any creation you want. You don`t have to worry much about the creation size. Let`s say you have the Empire State Building. You can use it as a building, and then resize it from house-size to skyscraper-size, or you can disguise a key as it, and it will range from key-size to, let`s say, a guitar-size. The size range depends on the kind of object. 

– There are several cool filters you can use on your adventure, and players will se them with that look. You just have to use the cheat “adventurelook -sepia” (-sepia is just an example, there are many other styles). 

– You can create pretty complex stuff with the right combination of goals, the “behaviors” of creations on different acts, gameplay objects, and even the advanced ai control. 

– You know how you can make a cool creature in a couple of minutes, but you can also spend a couple of hours making a detailed one? Well, you can make a cool adventure in 2 days, but you`ll need at least a couple of weeks to get a perfect one that fills the complexity meter! That’s because you’ll want to play with the “effects” to make your adventure look beautiful. There are many lighting effects, spider webs, explosions, and even a waterfall. 

Well, that`s it for now. I’m not sure if anyone else posted about the event by now… The Camp was great, and you guys should give the maxoids a break. They’re awesome people, and they’re really commited to giving the players the best experience possible. And the other campers were also awesome people, it was a privilege to meet them. 

I couldn’t use the creations other people submitted to me, because some of the stuff was missing from my Sporecast, so I’ll apologize in advance. You’ll see the adventures we made when the game is released (they’re going to upload them then). 

Shame we coulnd’t stay longer… Isn’t there a song that says soething like “I left my heart in San Francisco”? Well, I left mine in the east bay.



About the complexity meter, it’s really huge! I finished my mission and it was stil in green complexity! 

I’m pretty sure we can use tons of stuff. I believe we can use up to 50 different creations (and a lot of copies of them) on each category – creature, vehicle, building, gameplay objects – and there’s also the effects, sounds and fixed objects (Maxis decorations such as huts, nests, rocks, fountains, fossils, etc). I’m pretty sure we can choose up to 50 kinds of each thing. You could probably make a Coruscant-like city planet, if you use large buildings.



You can change other creatures, by making a vesion of it invisible when you get to a certain act, and then placing another one on the same place and making it become visible at that same time. You can even make a “one-shot” effect (a “poof” animation, for instance) happen at that precise time. 

There are 2 kinds of invisibility: you can make gameplay objects invisible, but still working (like a jump pad, the creature won’t see it, but it will jump), but you can also make any creation (creature, building, etc) invisible in a way that it behaves as if it didn’t existed. Then you can have it become visible just during the chosen acts, so it pops in and out of existence as the adventure progresses.


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