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Pictures from the Galactic Adventures camp.

Posted by ballightning on May 17, 2009

Ceece has posted some pictures from the Galactic Adventures camp.

This is a group shot of us creators with MaxisKane and MaxisCactus, they were both very nice! 

Here is the Maxis office door 

Here is the front desk area, with some awesome paintings and posters all around! 

This was one of my favorite little posters they had up around the office. 

Here was the cool lounge area were we got to view people’s adventures at the end of our visit. 

After our office tour, got to see a Demo of GA from Kip. 

Here are some shots from the demo he showed us! 
The first few are from the planet editor, it looks amazing! 




Then he showed us some of the Adventures Maxis has made. 








In the Demo room, they had some awesome concept art up for GA. 




Then we got a chance to play around with GA, it was so much fun, none of us wanted to leave our computers. 


(I am the one in the front here 8 months pregnant) 

The second day we took a few group pictures on the walk over to Maxis. 



We got to play GA until the end of the day when they surprised us with some awesome gifts. 








Then some of us shared the Adventures that we worked on to the Maxis developers. 




That is what we did on our visit to the Maxis studio, we all had an awesome time and I am sure you all will really like GA when it comes out next month! Thanks again Maxis  


5 Responses to “Pictures from the Galactic Adventures camp.”

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  3. So that’s how the adventure PNGs look like when saved

  4. helaoa said

    who’s the girl in the grey dress? is that MaxisCactus?

  5. Chosenoneknuckles said

    Awesome pics, glad you all had a blast!

    My, it’s June next month already, geez has this year flown by! xD

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