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Adventure Camp: Parkaboy’s Posts #2

Posted by ballightning on May 18, 2009

Here is some more of what Parkaboy had to say about Spore Galactic Adventures from the Adventure Camp.


Someone asked if one of us had played the Maxis made adventures. I played a few… I tried the “Mothership Down”, wich is a huge battlefield, and couldn’t survive more than a few seconds.  There was one that was a foot race, and that was really fun. Racing missions will probably have players fighting hard for the top positions on their Leaderboards. 

About the space captains: if I got it right, you can use any creature as one, but then the game will save it as a captain so you can add the weapons later. The 32 new parts are divided by archetypes (the space-stage philosophies). As you finish a mission, you get some points (the one I made awarded 10 points), and when you reach 100 points you can unlock a captain part. There are 8 rows of 4 parts, and you have to unlock the previous ones to get the others on the same row. I haven’t really tried that, it’s just what I understood from what Kip told me. 

My advice for now is: don’t make many plans involving spaceships and vehicles, other than using them on the giant battles. They don’t have advanced AIs, so they can’t do half the stuff that creatures can. 



Here’s how teleporters work: you place a teleporter pad, and then choose a destination location. Every time a creature steps on the pad, it will be transported to that location. 

If you want a two way portal (there are cool effects that you can use as portals), you can place another pad on the destination of the first one, pointing to the first’s pad. Just have to be careful so the creature doesn’t fall into a deadly loop, getting transported back and forth.



I think you can have up to 50 of each kind of creation. I’m not entirely sure about this limit, I just noticed when Ceece hit the cap of creatures on her adventure. But even if you disguise a gameplay object as a building, it should still count as an object, not a building. 

You can elarge buildings a lot.

I’m not sure if what Sattari proposes would be possible, because if you disguise “holdable” objects as buildings or vehicles, then their resize limits are changed to the proportions of the keys, grenades and stuff.



About the acts, here’s an example from my adventure: 

Act 1 -> goal: talk to character to get the next goal 
Act 2 -> goal: talk to another character to get a mission 
Act 3 -> goal: kill all of a certain creature 
Act 4 -> goal: talk to the first guy 
Act 5 -> change teleport into “visible” (still invisible on appearance, but working on this act) 
change teleport effect (a lightining field) into “visible” just for this act 
goal: go to teleport 
Act 6 -> change “one-shot” effect of teleport arrival (white poof) “visible” just for this act 
goal: talk to the enemy leader (the character will get mad at you and tell his army to attack you) 
Act 7 -> change awareness of enemies so they can see you and they’ll start to attack you 
change ally army to “visible” and they’ll show up to help with the battle 
goal: destroy a certain building 
Act 8 -> change mushroom cloud “one-shot” effect into “visible” (for the building explosion) 
goal: talk to the enemy leader so he can surrender 
mission accomplished! 

You can actually have up to 3 goals per act, but I used several acts instead of less acts with more goals, because I could change the behaviors of creatures and objects between acts.



It works like this: you choose a teleport for your list of gameplay objects. Then you can double-click it and choose either to make it invisible, but still working (you can also make any creation invisible and effectively non-existant for the duration of certain acts by ticking the “eye” icon on that creation), or you can choose to disguise it as another creation (I only tried that with buildings and vehicles). 

Disguising means that the thing will look like the creation you chose, but will still behave just like the gameplay object. For instance, if you change a grenade into the Eiffel Tower. Then creatures will be able to pick it up and throw it, and it will explode. It will also be roughly the size of the grenade. You can resize it, but you can’t get it to be as big as it was when you used it as a building. 

Is that clear enough? This stuff is hard to explain…



Hum… I’m not sure. Let’s see if I can remember what I saw: 

– red key 
– red gate 
– blue key 
– blue gate 
– crate 
– exploding barrell 
– jump pad 
– teleport pad 
– grenade 
– 2 types of timer bombs 
– health power up 
– armor power up 
– energy power up 
– speed power up 

don’t remeber if there’s anything else… 

 Huh… I don’t know, I’ll have to wait until you make one to see if it looks good. One thing about the missions is that you can have up to four screenshots of it in the preview screen of the sporepedia, so people can have a feel for it and choose if they want to play it.



I was talking to Kip, and according to him, missions won’t be automatically pollinated. You’ll only download automatically missions from your buddies and the sporecasts you subscribed. That’s because mission files are a bit bigger than the normal creations, so that way the came won’t crash trying to download a bunch of things that may not even be wanted on your game.



You can take screenshots while inside the adventure editor, or in test mode. You can also use the freeCam cheat in the test mode. 

Then you have four slots on the bottom center panel (where you name and describe your adventure) to choose among the pictures you’ve taken.



You can have more than one type of the same thing. You can, for instance, have two copies of the same creature, but program one to say one thing and another to say something else on the same act. 

This means you can have more than one type of health packs, disguising them as different things. 

Edit: I used my greenhouse segments, and that worked really well. But that was kind of open, so I’m not sure about really closed spaces. I only advise to make them big. The camera gets a bit crazy on confined spaces.


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