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Adventure Camp: Shattari’s Posts

Posted by ballightning on May 18, 2009

Here is what Shattari had to say about the Galactic Adventures while on the Adventure Camp.



Yes I actually talked to a couple of guys about making attached objects to the vehicle legs move WITH the legs and they were very into it and even said they have wanted to do it, so it is something that may some day happen, but I dont think its a priority so I would not hold out for it.



No, Im pretty sure that you cant change the water level, color of planet, hills and such, or the atmosphere mid adventure.

Things that can change, change because the tool for them that goes into the pallet has a way to make it “visible” or “invisible” between acts, that is to say that they are always there in some way just not tangible or visible.

None of the Tereforming tools had that vis/invis icon. Though that is not to say that there may not be some sort of work around. Finding work around for stuff is whats going to make adventures really stick out.



You are correct. Photo was trying to get a creature to sit motionless like a statue and even had some devs helping with questions and stuff and there was no way to get it to not “twitch” and “fidget”, although it would stand in one spot. What you could do is make a building that looks just like the critter, shrink it down to its size and when you want the creature to come to life the building goes away and the creature comes in …



The ground stuff shoots what looks like guided missiles. I actually thought of a possible work around to make different weapon effects, but that was on the plane ride home. I had a lot of ideas on the way home and I just have to wait till i get my hands on GA again to try them out. In this case I was thinking for turrets you could hide a creature inside that was stationary so it may look as thought the gun was firing instead of the creature, but I dont know if that would work.



As far as laying out full complex critters I dont think that will dent the planet meter any more than say a mid complex meter. We were putting down a lot of stuff and I dont think anyone even maxed out the complexity for a planet. (Though that was in two days, working on an adventure for weeks will surely yield different results) 

As far as my favorite thing about GA? Its hard to say. I really liked the new captain outfitter parts. I like that you have to play a game through to rate it and thats done in game. I like that the preview window is now in Full resolution, so you can see all the textures on stuff without having to go into the editor. I like that there will be an “Original Creator” stamp forever on the things that are made after GA comes out. But my favorite thing is prolly the GA as a whole, as in what it is, a game maker. And the very best part of that is knowing that I only scratched the surface of the game. The whole way home on the plane I was thinking up things that I wanted to try out.


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