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Adventure Camp: Spore TV Q&A

Posted by ballightning on May 19, 2009

Spore TV (aka TNT Productions) got people to submit questions about Galactic Adventures. After being on the Adventure Camp he now answers them.



 Questions: I’m hoping to find out if vehicles can “Ride” on top of other vehicles, would it be possible to make something like an aircraft carrier? 

Answer: Only way this could be done is if the plane was already on the carrier; for example, as in part of the same creation. Creatures can jump on the back of a moving vehicle, but not drive or control it. You can however set a path for which the vehicle travels. 


Questions: As I’ve been making mostly internal areas ready for GA, I think my most pressing question at the moment would be ‘will lighting be an issue inside hollow structures, and are the lights available in the creators going to be dynamic?’ 

Answer: Lighting can be a bit tricky at different camera angles within the inside of a closed structure, but I am not too sure of dynamic lighting. 


Questions: Is it possible to fill certain characters roles in an adventure with random content from the sporepedia so that each time your play an adventure some of the characters are different. This would improve the replay value of an adventure. 

Answer: ok within your own misssions it is possible to make any and all changes and it would still be of your own making by simply reuploading. As in downloaded missions, they can be edited but would have to be reuploaded and would be auto tagged as an offspring giving credit to the original creator. As for captains, if it is a set mission using a captain designated by the creator, then you cannot change that at all.


Questions: Are there ways to assign difficulties to an adventure so that as your captain increases in level the space stage assigned adventures increase in difficulty too? 

Answer: You set the difficulty in each individual act and the goals within the acts. It depends on what kind of acts/goals are created and what your captain encounters along the way, I would suppose.


Questions: Can adventures be filtered by skill or captain parts required (or banned)? I see a problem with captains with jet packs or wings spoiling an adventure. 

Answer: There are only two catagories thus far to my knowledge, that being quickplay (locked captain) and full missions. This could very well changed before or after release, not too sure. 


Questions: Can we get a list of the advance AI triggers we can assign to a character. 

Answer: There are two types of triggers in GA: Act and AI. An act switch is triggered whenever the player completes all the goals in an act. During an act switch you can hide/show objects, change creature/vehicle behaviors, and make new speech text appear. 

AI triggers can be set using the advanced AI. Advanced AI is used to control creatures and the system is very flexible. For instance, you can tell a creature to attack only when it is carrying a red key. Or make it dance only when the player is nearby. These individual behaviors can be combined in hundreds of ways and we look forward to see the creative ways that the community will use this powerful feature.” …….I myself don’t remember many of these options as 2 days trying to complete a mission just wasn’t enough time to really get a grasp of all the AI options let alone remember all of them…lol… 


Questions: Can we get a list of the captain parts? 

Answer: Go to Spore Wikia for the list. I can honestly say that my favorite new part is by far the the (I think it is called either the generator or the shield generator) anyways this has the absolute coolest animation ever. Like a force field of electrical currents which kind of resembles lightning, simply awesome. 


Questions: Can captain parts be added to a captain as part of an adventure? Can part of the adventure be “get the jetpack”? 

Answer: You can assign a creature or captain to retrieve any and all objects, but not too sure if it can outfit the captain.


Questions: Can adventures disable certain captain parts? 

Answer: To my knowledge no, but i could be wrong.


Questions: Can we get details about how the physics engine works? I have been thinking about how the animated parts of factory building can interact with our characters. Can pistons be used to push characters. 

Answer: Not too sure of this, but i do know there are some really cool behaviors and effects that could maybe accomplish this ability. I do know that it was said that one of the Dev’s had a vehicle on a set track, pushing his captain around…lol


Questions: Will there be any “hand held” weapons (like laser guns and such), and if so, how do you plan to have them animate for creatures with odd structures. 

Answer: Yes there are weapons and creatures can also pick up other objects as well, not too sure how to answer the 2nd part of your question though. The eight new weapons are energy claws, lightning sword, pulse rifle, missile launcher, poison blade, summon swarm, freeze and mind meld.

Questions: When equipping the captain with, will there be a way to turn off symmetry so the captain only holds a gun in one hand? 

Answer: Not too sure how the weapon acts as far as assymmetry goes, but I know there are hand held weapons. 

Questions: With the long-awaited release of GA, did you add extra time for additional features? 

Answer: Not too sure of this one, but I would think that there may be a different section for mission features as there is for sporecast features. If this isn’t what you were asking, but rather meant extra game features then not that I have heard anyways. 


Questions: Can we place creatures on buildings and other creatures? 

Answer: I know that creatures can walk/jump onto buildings but not too sure about creatures on top of creatures, other than jumping on the back of an epic creature and riding that is. 


Questions: How many types of creations can we have ? 

Answer: You have 5 pages of 10 creations in each category.


Questions: When will the GAprop tag start working ? 

Answer: As soon as you install G.A. I would think. 


Questions: Does cliffs and hills and terrian effect the complexiety ? 

Answer: Yes but the complexity meter of the planet itself and the mission are two completely different entities, therefore will not count in the complexity of the mission. 


Questions: Are there invisible barriers we can place ? 

Answer: Yes indeed….fences, gates, doors…etc… 


Questions: Can we have a list of the sounds & weather effects ?

Answer: You can make hot and cold planets and add hazards like lightning and lava plumes. Another effective technique is to use the ambient sound effects (like blowing wind) and the visual effects (like gusts of snow) to really set the right mood. But there are many other effects besides these.


Questions: Can we use the Anthem editor to make our own sounds for our adventures ? 

Answer: No, but there are numerous and awesome sound effects within the editor, somewhere around 150 I think.


Questions: Is there a way to assign creatures different textures in GA to make them look like they are made of stone or look like a hologram? 

Answer: From what i understand all textures and parts will be available in all editors now, but not including the creature editor. 


Questions: Are moving building parts tangible to make things such as a hallway o’ chainsaws possible? 

Answer: I know that some hallways have been tested and work very well, so adding a moving part to them shouldn’t interfere with the workability. 


Questions: In creature stage, if try to jump over a strange object, your creature only floats there not every touching it, it also seems a bit glitchy. Will this happen when jumping onto a vehicle or epic? 

Answer: No, you can jump on the back of a vehicle or epic to ride it, but you will not have control of where it goes. 


Questions: Will NPC’s be able to hold and throw at a certain time items such as a gernade? Will a outfitted captain be able to be a NPC? 

Answer: Yes to first part and no to second. You can designate a captain, but once a captain in the mission, always a captain…You can change avatars while editing your mission so that you would have a different captain, but once locked it stays.
Questions:  I am aware questions have been asked about the camera before but I must ask if we will at least be given three options that could be set for that level so as to find one that best fits our level? 

Answer: Not sure if you can set it, but it is adjustable while inside a building. 


Questions: Will creatures that spawn during game play count against our complexity limit? 

Answer: Not really sure of this, but I would think that if you are already at the max complexity then nothing should spawn, but don’t quote me here. 


Questions: Should a world maker decide to design AI via the advanced options menu will it count against their complexity? 

Answer: Hmmmm I don’t think so but can’t say for sure… 


Questions: Will it be possible to in some way or another allow players to trade items with npcs? 

Answer: I know that you can take something from an npc or you can also have a bad guy carrie something, then when you fight it, he will drop it, and you can grab it. 


Questions: In some videos I’ve seen a picture instead of a planet, can we take a screenshot and put it as the png instead of the planet? 

Answer: Yes you can. 


Questions: Will Buildings and props be able to rotate in all axys, or just in Y as we’ve seen in the video examples? 

Answer: A definite YES 


Can we use vehicles and UFOs as disguised props, or just buildings? 

Answer: YES 


Questions: Can we stack different types of creations to form a single structure (static, ok… but moving?) 

Answer: Yes as long as they are stationary. 


Questions: All parts have collisions, even Invisible ones? 

Answer: I think its the whole cast member or item has the collision, but not positive. 


Questions: Animated parts can be used as obstacles, lifts, etc, or they fill all the place? 

Answer: Obstacles maybe, lifts NO, deco/stationary items yes. Think you would have to use a teleporter as there are no lifts nor the opportunity to make one. 


Questions: Will we be able to make changes to the planet between chapters? day/night color/sky geologiacal formations? 

Answer: No once you have set things it will be just that, unless of course you take the adventure to part 2 on another planet (you can use the same planet making the changes you would like and new missions/acts and such, but you cannot make changes mid mission on 1 planet.


Questions: Creatures only seem to come in three sizes… Is that so? baby/normal/epic? 

Answer: You can adjust the size of anything including creatures from micro to epic, so no not just 3 sizes.


Questions: Has any of the initial obvious feedback been addressed? Pathway conversations, ridable vehicles, object creation independent type, beam-down to non-adventure planets? 

Answer: Yes most have and you can attach thought bubbles to creatures and objects…you can only hop on the back of a moving vehicle, not control or drive it…and no you cannot beam down to normal spore game planets.


Questions: How can missions be shared? 

Answer: When you make your mission you can share it the same way you do with creatures and buildings.. a thumb of the planet with the name will be what people see. If you’ve made a quick play mission…the captain will be locked. That way it won’t go into the general draw from the sporepedia into the actual space game. I believe that if you share a mission with the the captain set to unlock then it can be just drawn at random into people’s games.


Questions: Does adding speech, AI, movement etc to objects add to the overall complexity of the adventure? 

Answer: Yes, adding objectives and speech bubbles etc does add to the complexity. 


Questions: How will mission popularity work? 

1. If it is times play short adventures that are played multiple times will have higher scores not letting long missions get up there

2. If it is R+/R- then I,m guessing some may rate without playing just because they know the creator. 

3.The only other thing I can think of is total time played on a mission (everyone’s time on the mission adds to it’s total score). 


Questions: Will there be new acheivements in the game? 

Answer: From what I gather, the acheivements are basically the ones that maxis has made up…for example, i cannot award someone a trophy or item that I’ve made…it is a set factor but I believe there are new acheivements to be earned.


Questions: From creature stage we know that not only epics, as has been officially stated as rideable in a strange kind of way, are collide-able. In fact all creatures appear to have collision in that stage as you can push them around(admittingly I never tried to jump on some one but theoretically it should be possible) so I must ask will clothes from the outfit editors also be collide-able thus allowing us to make ramps up onto creatures or places to sit? 

Answer: I believe you can make the appearance of a saddle on a creature, make it a team member or friendly and jump onto the creature. I tried to ride one of mine but was unsuccessful, due to lack of skill probably more than it not being possible. 


Questions: When you create a war like scene and you really want to amp up the drama can you change the lighting of the game to make it look like dusk just when it seems as if the battle will be lost. And in the same battle can we have plenty of large and small debreis while still being able to make a large scale battle. And finally can an enemy NPC see through buildings and rocks. 

Answer: No, you can have half the planet dark and half light…but there are plenty of special effects and music to add to the ambiance of your battle. You can have something appear in the next act though…keeping it set to invisible which will keep it inactive only to appear in the next act. You can have a lot of material scattered around, the complexity allows for quite an extensive amount of additions. As far as I could tell, you can be attacked through rocks and buildings…so I would say yes to the enemy seeing you through the building provided you give it an awareness that reaches to it…you can control the area that the creature is aware of.


Questions: Will we be able to further modify our “props” in GA? I.e. Can I change the Paintjob on a particular item from GA, or do I have to fully plan ahead with the Crature/Building/Vehicle Editor paint tools? 

Answer: A lot of stuff can be altered by taking them into the editors right from ga…another words…you want the health pack to look like say an injection needle..u can do that.


Questions: I am highly concerned about lighting and atmospheric effects, something Slarti sort of made mention of on the first page of this thread. More specifically, though… will the Adventure Creator allow for point lighting? Or will everything be subject to one big ambient light source? Will directional lighting be possible? (Sorry, the 3D modeler/renderer in me needs to know). 

Answer: lighting….well, yes and no. The lighting is basically from the main light source..although you could stop movement and have a half dark and half light planet. There are special effects such as a dappling effect that could be beaming through the thick flora onto say an item or creature you want the person to find. There are a lot of impressive sound and visual effects. 


Questions: It was stated that creatures cannot “start” in the air or underground, but that vehicles and buildings can. However, if we place a creature(s) on an aerial prop or in a subterranean prop, can we bypass the limitation I just stated? I would hate to have a level with floating cities, and yet not be able to place creatures in it. 

Answer: I’m not sure I completely understand the question. From what I know we cannot have underground cities etc. You can sink a building into the ground a bit for visual reasons, or you could say use a teleport plate and teleport someone to an enclosure or building that looks underground. As far as placing a creature or creatures on a floating city…u can do that…..they may jump off from time to time if you’re not careful to set paths etc for them..like if set to wander..oops! Hope that helps! 

Galactic Adventures… looks like it’s going to be another non-tanned summer! hahaha, I agree! 

oh, and the graphics are improved…a lot! 


Questions: Can we make it so that you can switch characters/transform your main character? 

Answer: No, you cannot change your captain partway through the game.


Questions: Can you choose what color sun the planet has, or what planets/moons appear in the sky? 

Answer: No


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  2. Chosenoneknuckles said

    Hmm, not being able to change the colour of the sky in-between acts is lame… but the rest of it sounds great – I can’t wait for GA!

  3. Jobo said

    Me thinks you might be able to get around the ‘no cover’ problem in battles by placing armor and health (and whatever else, such as energy, perhaps simulating morale?) around the cover so that troops hiding in it will be harder to kill.

  4. NeoAdmiral said

    Ugg… You really qound up. Someone asked if you can make a captain an NPC and you said you can’t change captains in a mission lol. You also said you can’t make achievements when someone asked if there was going to be new ones, I think i have new found right to call you idiot

  5. NeoAdmiral(not really me) said

    i askk 4givness cuoaz i cants speailss!!!!!!!!

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