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Dananddna’s Adventure Camp: Miscellaneous Observations

Posted by ballightning on May 19, 2009

Here are some other notes that Dananddna jotted down during the Adventure Camp for Galactic Adventures.


Galactic Adventures: Miscellaneous Observations 

• After Galactic Adventures comes out, “lineages” will be put in place. When viewing a mission from the sporepedia, you will see the original creator, the current creator, and the last creator to edit the mission. 

• Lineage will also be added to all other creations after GA (not-retroactively though).

• Power-ups loose their hologram when they are disguised. 

• Jump-pads can’t be disguised naturally, but you can place to flat-shaped object over it and disguise it that way. 

• When a mission is opened up in the sporepedia you can view: genera, tags, upto 4 screenshots from the game, ratings, comments, difficulty, lineage. 

• The mission difficulty is dynamically generated…somehow. 

• Special Trick: place a teleport entrance on the outside of the door. On some other part of the planet, build an interior. Put the exit teleport inside the interior. When you walk into the building, you get the sensation of actually going inside. 

• 3 goals per act/ 8 acts per mission.

• One of the maxis-made mission (Infestation, I think?) will feature these awesome suicide bugs. They are programmed to pick up timed explosives, and they automatically walk up to your character and explode. 

• From what I’ve seen, the physics of the game has been revamped in certain areas. Remember how the money-piles in the space stage used to fall without rotating. Now, for some objects at least, when they fall, they tumble and collide more realistically. 

• Spawning options are found within the object or creature’s properties. You can set how much time it takes to respawn.

• A creature can hold as many objects as it has hands. Hand-less creatures can hold objects with their mouths. 

• For patrolling paths, one can press Alt to generate more patrol points. I’m not sure if there is a limit. 

• Air vehicles and UFOs fly at a pre-determined altitude, based on the height of the terrain. When stationary, they float up and down slightly. 

• The jet-pack is fun, but costly in terms of power usage. When you run out of power, for some reason normal jumping no longer works. Plan accordingly (place some jump pads if the player needs to get somewhere up above. 

• You can disguise a key as anything (except a creature).

• You can collect a creature (didn’t try, not sure how that works).

• There is a way to re-use planets. In this option, all the objects and creatures are stripped off, but the planet remains the same. 

• It is a good idea to start off a mission in the planet editor. 

• Flora density is adjustable.

• In addition to the randomly generated flora, you can place individual plants down as objects (like a building). They can be resized and rotated. 

• Different types of ground cover are available (rocks, crystals, grass, flowers, etc).

• The complexity of the planet editor is separate from the general mission complexity. 

• New uniform parts are generally based on the different archetypes in the game. 

• Want a building to look like it is burning? Place a fire effect on it. 

• When you place a music loop or sound effect in the editor, you can adjust the hearing radius. 

• I’m pretty sure that every object in the standard Spore game is usable as an object in the editor (for instance: tribal buildings, embassies, artifacts, gems, spice-storage houses, etc).

• Atmospheric density effects how far you can see objects. 

• When you use “talk to…” as a goal, you can adjust what emotion the character talks to you in (happy, scared, angry). 

• NPCs can wander into teleports and jump-pads. 

• When placing characters in the editor, they are automatically placed on top of buildings = really useful.

• It is possible to place characters inside open parts of a building (example: I had these outdoor markets, and I was able to place creatures underneath the tents…sometimes).


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