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Adventure Camp – Parkaboy’s mission log

Posted by ballightning on May 20, 2009

Parkaboy was one of the 10 people who went to the Adventure Camp for Galactic Adventures, and has now posted on his blog about his experiences, you can read a short snippet below.


Act 1
Goals: talk to MaxisCactus v
get a passport and a visa 

So a few weeks ago I got an e-mail from MaxisCactus inviting me to join a few other creators for a 2 day event at the Maxis Studios in Emeryville, California, where we would play the upcoming Spore expansion pack Galactic Adventures, talk to the developers behind the game, and eat pizza. After I got over my initial reaction – thinking it was all an elaborate scheme from an international gang to steal my kidneys – I got really excited, and started making arrangements so I could attend and still keep my job (and hopefully, my kidneys).

I’m from Brazil, so there was some stuff I had to take care of, such as getting a passport and an american visa. Thankfully I managed to get everything I needed on time – though the people from the U.S. consulate had a hard time believing that I was going California just to play a videogame, and I feared they would deny my request for the visa.


Act 2
Goals: get to Emeryville alive v

Then I went on a 26 hours journey (counting all the waiting hours at airports, flight times and waiting for my baggage to appear). Unfortunately the EA travel coordinator had me booked on a fligh that would get me to San Francisco late for the first day of the event, and a few more delays (such as the shuttle from the airport leaving without me to Emeryville, but it eventually got back) meant that I would only get to Maxis by 2 PM, instead of 9 AM.


Act 3
Goals: get to the Maxis offices v
get a sandwich

So I arrived at Maxis, where I was greeted by Tammy (their sweet receptionist), MaxisCactus and Aaron (who were in charge of the event). They took me to the Aquarium, where the other 9 guys were already playing on neat Asus* laptops (oh, the blinking blue lights!). G3NJI, Fotosynthesis, Shattari, Masscolder, Gryphon57, dananddna, Slartibartfast38, Terry from TnT-Productions and Ceece were all there. They barely moved their eyes from the screens to greet me, but I guess that’s easily understandable. I myself couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Adventure Editor. MaxisCactus gave me a sandwich because I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfest on Miami time, but I only ate half of it – that’s how axious I was.

* Well, I got an Asus poster and a t-shirt, so it doesn’t hurt to advertise a little.


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